The 15 Best Color-Depositing Shampoos For Reviving Dull, Faded Hair

You can use color-depositing shampoo the same way you would use a typical shampoo, but these shampoos should not be used every day, and Hayes suggests using a deep conditioning or leave-in treatment after using any color-depositing shampoo.

“Some color-depositing shampoo can majorly change the color of your hair in just 10 minutes,” Hayes says. “I tend to see blondes use too much purple shampoo and actually create a reverse product of what you want. Purple shampoo, in particular, can be used far too much and the hair is often left darker from overuse.”

Many color-depositing products also contain sulfates, which are cleansing agents that can leave the hair and scalp overly dry. Overuse can negatively affect the pH balance of hair, so color with caution!

“Your hair, just like your skin, is rated on a pH scale of one to 10, five being ‘normal,’” says Hayes. “It’s an acid to alkaline scale. Acidity makes the hair shaft more ‘closed,’ while alkaline makes it more ‘open.’ Overuse of these products can significantly change the hair’s pH balance, making hair feel very dry.”

Hayes says those with a keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout should avoid these products.

Color-depositing shampoos, while convenient, can also be messy. Use them in the shower, not the bath, for maximum control, and be sure to wet down important surfaces before you begin treatment. Rinse your body thoroughly post-shampoo, as color-depositing products can temporarily dye skin. You should also use dark towels to minimize staining.