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Following fashion trends in today’s world has become a movement. It is so widely been in use that people are more than ever tensed about how they appear to the world. Searching for the best fashion trends and who to follow for fashion trends in order to fit in is the new trend. But have you wondered there is a downside of following fashion trends? This inclination has led people to forget and discover their true individual and authentic side which is perhaps the most crucial reason why I don’t follow trends.

But before moving on to the topic, let’s see what exactly is Not Following Trend here mean is. Not following trend is when you CHOOSE to make your own choice rather than following the crowd. It can also mean that if I like something and following it which coincidentally could also be in trend.

According to the usual definition, Fashion trends are expressions of trends – which are socio-culturally grounded – in aesthetic spheres, mostly by means of visual and haptic characteristics applied to clothing and apparel products and are often considered fads or short-term trends. 

There is no right set of rules for why not following trends is going to make a huge change. Trend follow is basically a choice. A choice that you have to decide on your own. But there are indeed some sweeping advantages you can have on not always pursuing as of the world. But before moving on to those magnificent advantages let’s look at some disadvantages of trend follow first. 

Reasons that will make you feel okay to not follow fashion trends!

The trend cycle is moving faster than ever. One of the primary factors for this is the power of social media. Social media presence has disrupted the clear boundary between consumers and producers. We have the accessibility of every single thing present to us in one click away. Everything that we may not be able to buy but could visually see and experience. This enabled trends to move rapidly and become fads so fast. This has transmuted into fast fashion trends. Which is another big takeoff that made the trend move faster than ever before.  

The analytics of medical research shows that such trends have made people become more restless and discontent for not being able to cope with the pace.

Today, we see trends are everywhere. Not just in fashion, but, in food, dance, music, home decor, automobile, and even technology. Fashion is highly sensitive to trends. It is the most volatile today because of the splendid connectivity we share with the world. 

There are tremendous reason that proves following a trend is futile. Let’s look at some of the advantages of no follow trend psychology. It is a choice that one wishes to adapt in their life or not. 

1. It makes people look more usual

Standing out from the crowd means styling in that way. You cannot expect to get dressed as everyone and expect to be recognize outlandishly. That’s exactly what a trend follow does. It makes you feel common. In order to stand out, dress in a way that is more unusual than the rest. 

  2. BE creative 

Following a trend is not a bad thing. And sometimes it infacts helps us to feel included. But if one wishes to be a creative individual, then they have to act ingenious way. It means not following a fashion trend but creating it. Be a creator of trend, make your own style and follow them. 

 3. Unnecessary time wasters

To stay on trend, people go for shopping with a fixed set of items and end up buying more than we should is very common. Such witty tricks of marketing in fashion has made us believe that our wants are our needs, which is completely false. This happens due to lack  of self-awareness. However, when one decides to become conscious, they start consciously buying things and do not frequently shop  based on trends, instead they shop only when they are in need, which saves a lot of their time.

4. Always disturbs budgets 

No doubt following fashion trends has made all of us spend hundreds of bucks every month  on things we don’t necessarily want. Which not only brings more stuff home that cannot fit but also disturbs our monthly budget. One of the leading reason for crossing expenses are trends. Following trend is outdated thus not following every a fashion trend is going to protect your monthly budget plans. 

5. Find your true self, by wearing what YOU like!

Everyone has their individual and unique style. Some are able to find it early on in life while some keep following others. The most spooky thing a trend follow does is that it makes us get so caught up in following fashion of trend makers that we forget to find our true style. We never really understand what WE would wanna wear, how comfortable WE feel, how much money WE have in our pocket, or whether even that trend suits US. Therefore, it is vital for you to follow your heart instead and start wearing what YOU like.

6. Trend Cycle created Fast fashion –  results in Environmental hazards       

This is the major downside of the surge in subsequent trend. With millions of people following it, the amount of waste it is generating is    preposterous. Since the trend moves rapidly people buy more and they don’t know what to do with the is the old ones. There are still no efficient way of the garment waste disposal. Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year  and by 2030, we are expected as a whole to be discarding more than 134 million tonnes of textiles a year.

Just think about where all this waste will be dumped. Or is there any possible EFFECTIVE solution for this?            

Trend is okay. But what is not okay is playing with the consumer’s psychology. Trapping them into believing something that may not be true is a crime. Trends lead people to become their slaves and following fashion trends as discussed not only affects our physical health to a significant level but also not  good for our psychological health.

So if you ever think of why am i following a trend even though I don’t feel like it, chances are you are right. Follow your heart and wear whatever you like. You don’t always need to follow trends.

Let’s Normalize it!

The topic of why or why not following a trend is an article is subjective and can be opinionated differently from another perspective. Then which one is right and who to follow you may ask?…The answer is, Both are right and you have a CHOICE to pick which one you feel most aligned with.

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