These Press-On Nails Are the Closest Thing to a Chic At-Home Manicure

Static Nails are much thinner than your old-school drugstore press on nails, which is a huge benefit. This makes them more comfortable to wear and more realistic-looking. While wearing them, several people asked me if I had gotten my nails done recently and were surprised when I told them that I did them myself with a pack of press-ons. They held up well through lots of hand-washing, typing, and cleaning. 

In terms of durability, mine lasted about a week before I noticed a few nails coming loose, but that could also be due to the amount of glue I used. The best part was that each hand came off easily and without wreaking havoc on my natural nails (something I’ve never found with drugstore brands). In the past, I’ve had to soak fake nails in acetone to pry them off, which was never pretty. 

Plus, Static Nails really are reusable. By the time you get them off your fingers, cheaper options are warped in shape, while these pop right off and remain intact without looking worn, scratched, or chipped. I was able to re-store the nails in the same convenient plastic case for another use, making them well worth it. I’ll likely be swapping out my regular polish for a pack of these—at least, I will the next time I actually have somewhere to go.