Who Wore it Better? Joseline vs. Cardi B in Marni Spring 2023 Orange Graphic Print Zig Zag Long Sleeve Knit Dress and Multicolor Runway Look

Joseline stepped out for a press run wearing a series of Marni looks previously worn by Cardi B!

She exited her hotel in a full Marni look including a $1,250 Marni Zig Zag dress worn by Cardi herself:

The orange and brown mini dress features a bold graphic pattern and is fashioned out of virgin wool and cotton blend for a fabulous finish.

Joseline later emerged in a Marni Spring 2023 runway look, also worn by Cardi. She topped hers off with a Gucci briefcase, a Daniel’s Leather fur, and a top hat:

Check out the look on the runway:

Both look bomb, but who wore it better?

Get their zip zag dress here.

Images:  @tomasherold / @dayhunch

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