I recently made a new list of items that I use EVERYDAY! These are the seven items I use daily!

I love this Luxury Robe it is a plush, lined microfiber robe, no matter if it is right after bathing or while relaxing on a Sunday morning I wear this robe all the time and obsessed!

Hydroflask I love how much it holds, how easy it is to carry and how easily it helps me drink the right amount of water everyday. I refill it 3 times to hit my water intake goal!

I get so many questions about this pretty pill case I refill it weekly to organize my pills, vitamins.

I use this nectifirm every night and my uses it daily too!

These slippers are hands down my favorite! I wear them all day everyday around the house!

My favorite lip balm, keeps my lips hydrated all day long!

I take these weighted bangles with me everyday to workout class!