25 Under-Eye Patches That Soothe and Depuff After Hours of Screen Time

A few years ago, we couldn’t get enough of sheet masks. But as much as we wish, we don’t always have time to lay horizontal with a soggy film over our skin for 20+ minutes. What we do have time for, however, is a pair of under-eye patches, which deliver, and seal in, potent skincare ingredients to the delicate eye area—where we really need it most, thanks to hours of screen time. These curved masks can be applied to skin any time, and adhere so well, you can continue going about your business without worrying about them slipping off mid-email reply.

The question still remains: Are under-eye patches more effective than eye creams, or are they just fun to Instagram? We spoke to two experts for the real truth behind one of our favorite end-of-day, eye-soothing past times. Read up, then shop our top 25 picks below.