10 Muslim Women On How They Express Themselves Through Modest Dressing

Name: Shafa Rifda Asy-syifa (I go by Rifda)
Age: 23
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Describe your style in a few words… This is tricky for me because I don’t like putting myself in a box and I just wear whatever I like! But I often see myself dressing towards preppy, early 2000s fashion and late ’90s — think Phoebe Buffay! I also take inspiration from vintage Japanese fashion, such as outfits from FRUiTS magazine. What I’m sure of, is that I like dressing in lots of plaid!
How do you express yourself through your choice of clothing? As a Hijabi, clothing is definitely one of the biggest ways I express myself in order to showcase my style, personality and faith. The hijab actually encourages me to be creative with my outfits, as I would need to think of different ways to modest-ify clothes, usually through lots of layering, and opting for clothing items like maxi skirts or knee-high boots. I always seek out different fashion inspirations, which is why I don’t believe in sticking to just one aesthetic, and also why it’s important for me to shop second-hand as I don’t believe that we need any more clothes in this world! Sustainable fashion is an accessible way for me to experiment with different styles while being conscious of overconsumption.

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