Looking to Build a Winter Capsule Wardrobe? Here’s Exactly Where to Start

I learned the importance of capsule dressing in grade school. On all of our shopping trips, my mother discouraged me from buying pieces if I couldn’t picture the whole outfit I’d wear them with—this way, the clothing that made the cut was sure to stretch further in my closet. Without realizing it, she was teaching me the art of the capsule wardrobe. 

Coined by boutique owner Susie Faux in the ‘70s, the capsule wardrobe consists of a lean selection of timeless garments—coats, heels, and the like—that can be mixed together with ease. While summer and fall are great seasons to sculpt this edited assortment, these pieces shine the brightest during colder months. After all, winter capsule wardrobes can’t just be stylish; in order to achieve that true year-over-year wear, they need to be functional, too. (Anyone who has purchased an unlined wool coat has learned this the hard way.)