16 Chunky Gold Rings to Amp Up Your Minimalist Jewelry Collection

After a whirlwind year of staying home, rarely socializing, and playing it safe with loungewear as our clothing style of choice, it’s (finally) time to be bold. It may take some getting used to, but one thing that’s easy to bring into this new era is our accessories. Right now, statement-making jewelry is in—and no, we’re not talking about statement necklaces from the 2010s. In 2021, chunky rings are the trendy, must-have accessory. More is more with this jewelry type, which encourages mixing and matching with your more minimalist pieces for a simple yet versatile way to upgrade any look. Plus, these rings are the perfect way to show off a good manicure

Whether you wear them on Zoom calls or to socially distanced outdoor drinks, these chunky gold rings will amp up your accessories collection. Ready to get noticed? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you below.