A Casual & Stylish Ankle Strap Heels Outfit for Spring

An Easy Ankle Strap Heels Outfit

Spring is here, and the best thing that comes with spring is beautiful accessories with pretty little details. This ankle strap heels outfit brings two accessories I’ve loved lately, ankle strap heels and a super pretty clutch. I put together this casual spring outfit for a day exploring Monterey in California.

If you’re wondering how to wear ankle strap heels with skinny jeans here are a few style tips to keep in mind. In this outfit, I paired dark blue suede ankle strap heels with a pair of light wash denim jeans which I rolled up to show off the ankle strap heels better. You could also wear skinny jeans that are shorter in length, where the jeans end a couple of inches above the strap of the heels, aka ankle jeans. The jeans can be a straight leg or have a little bit of flare, and it depends on your style and which you prefer. I prefer straight leg as I’m able to pair it with a looser blouse as I have done in this ankle strap heels outfit, and still have the outfit looks balanced and dare I say even sleek.

You don’t want jeans to cover the ankle strap heels as it just defeats the purpose of the heels and showing them off.

To keep this outfit in balance, I wore a flowy top to contrast the slim fitting bottom. If you want to find out more about what I mean “balance” make sure to read How to Look Stylish Everyday – Your 5 Step Checklist.

How to Wear High Heels with Jeans

I seriously love wearing high heels with jeans, the contrast been the super casual jeans and the sexy heels creates a juxtaposition that I just love. Make sure to check out this outfit here, because that is another example of how to wear ankle strap heels with skinny jeans. In this spring outfit, I paired darker wash ankle jeans with more springy heels. Here is an outfit example where I paired light gray jeans with black heels which is an easy combo to pull off.

As you can see from the various outfits linked above, I usually opt for skinny jeans. As I am petite, I like outfits that will make me appear taller and leaner. I don’t often wear ankle flared jeans, and I feel like the jeans would overtake the look. But I recommend playing with different jeans colors, lengths and cuts to see what is your favorite to create your best ankle strap heels outfit.

The versatility of jeans and heels really gives you endless outfit opportunities for various occasions. From a dressy evening out to a casual weekend, bringing together your favorite pair of jeans and heels creates a stylish match!

Stay Stylish,