Australia’s Next Top Model, Series 9, Episode 6

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This week on Australia’s Next Top Model, high octane, fear facing for the win. [Warning: spoilers]

As if last week’s double elimination was not scary enough for these aspiring models, this week’s episode is fear-themed and, as expected the word “fearless” is dropped almost every fifteen seconds.
You see, the lesson this week, young, long-legged grasshoppers, is that being a model involves a great deal of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Models, and I mean, real, hardcore, supermodels, aren’t prefaced with “super” because it sounds sensational, they’re literally super-human. They pose with snakes, in odd and sometimes risky locations, they get snapped for a swimsuit issue in the middle of winter and their image is left to the mercy of photographers like Terry Richardson (ok, yeah, that was low blow…). Don’t even get us started on the high risk of ankle rolls..

The point is, this week, our remaining models learn what it’s like to be put out of their comfort zone, and, naturally, the results make for excellent viewing.

The scene:

We open with the models frothing over a double rainbow (what does it MEAN?!). But it doesn’t take long until their cooing is interrupted by our host Jennifer Hawkins. “There can only be one top model.” She reminds the girls. And so this week, it’s all about the survival of the fittest, or rather, the “fearlessist”.

The challenge:

Mentor Didier Cohen throws the girls a bone by telling them that their challenge is a runway. Piece of cake, they think. LOL, TWIST! The runway is actually stories and stories high on Sydney’s iconic AMP building.  The girls are to literally walk along the building, vertically. The client? Miss Shop. The winner of this challenge? The bravest of them all. The prize on the line? A Miss Shop Campaign and a $5000 shopping spree. Alex reminds us that she wants this so bad. We know, darl.

This challenge is real, you guys. It’s a face-down runway. Sure, doing a photoshoot with a snake around your neck is one thing, strutting facedown the AMP building… another. Lucy, the first model to take the plunge, tears up, and refuses to walk. Didier coaxesher to go and she does, though awkwardly, but sadly, not fearless enough. Next up is Alex.

Look, you’ve gotta give it to this girl, she wants this hard. And that’s why it’s hard to fault her, yeah she’s a total nutbag, but she’s working for it. Brittany also works for it, as does Jess and Lauren. Izi, we learn, is afraid of heights – but still, she struts like a champ.

The winner? Alex. And yeah, she deserved it. “The girls are probably a little jealous,” she says, raising her eyebrow with major ‘tude. “I would be.”

The shoot:

“This week is about showing courage under fire,” says Didier. The girls are at the Valvoline raceway. Race cars, motorbikes, burnouts, dirt and petrol fumes. Natch, Brittany is in her element. Photographer Richard Freeman, who is kinda hardcore, is shooting for Cosmopolitan– yes, this time, it’s a real, to-be-published shoot. The guest judge this episode is esteemed model Alexandra Agoston who tells the girls to “find strength within.”  The girls are told that the motocross guys are jumping over them, the speedway dudes are burning out around them. Annnd the heat is on. Kenny Loggin’s, eat your heart out.

Lauren, Brittany, Jess, Izi and Jordon nail it; Alex, fuelled from being at the bottom last week, really really brings it. However, sweet 16-year-old Lucy struggles.


“You look slightly short in that picture.” Shizer. Alex Perry is still giving it to Alex again on her hobbit-y 5″8 stance and makes her stand up against Alexandra Agoston. Jordon’s shot scores a double page spread in Cosmopolitan, yet still doesn’t get a great score.  As for sweet Lucy? Alex Perry says she’s ready to be Australia’s Next Top Catalogue Model (LOL), Jen says she’s unsue, yet still gives her an 8 because she sees “potential”… Erm, wasn’t the whole point of the new scoring system based solely on the photo in-front of them?!

Alex Perry gives everyone a five, because he’s “bored”.
The result? IT’S A TIE BETWEEN LUCY AND IZI. Please, please, please someone bring out David Bowie…

OK so there’s no walk off. Instead, the judges have to decide on who their favourite is. Which, note for next year, is freaking boring, Foxtel.

Going home this week? Izi.

Most dramatic moment:

Probably the scene involving a spider. Izi was pretty fearless in killing it.

Tyra-ism count:

“Fierce”: 2
“Dead in the Eyes”: 1

Alex Perry’s life lesson of the week:

“I’m facing my fear this week… it looks like I might be wrong.”

Australia’s Next Top Model


The creative direction of Season 9 of Australia’s Next Top Model aims to focus more on the core values of fashion and modelling, while also bringing a bold, new distinctive style to the series. From thousands of everyday girls that auditioned, we’ve cast the best 12 aspiring models ever seen on Australia’s Next Top Model.

For the first time ever the models position in the competition will be based on a new Top Model scoring system. Each week the girls will get a challenge and photo shoot score to determine who stays and who goes.

Australia's Next Top Model Season 9 Top 12 Models

Standing between them and the title of Australia’s Next Top Model is the judging panel consisting of Jennifer Hawkins, Alex Perry and a third special guest judge each week. The girls will have to impress some of the biggest fashion names in the industry with the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Jean Paul Gaultier and Linda Evangelista giving them feedback.

Didier Cohen and new to Australia’s Next Top Model, Cheyenne Tozzi will be mentoring the girls every step of the way and teaching them everything they should know about the competitive modelling industry.

10 weeks of the competition will be themed, highlighting the various elements of the industry. Challenges range from working with some of the biggest brands in Australia along with completing photo shoots, captured by the best Australian photographers.

Our girls will travel widely to real fashion events to get a taste of what life is like as a real working model.

The winner of Australia’s Next Top Model will walk away with a 12-month modeling contract with IMG Models, the world’s number one international model agency, and will feature in an editorial spread for leading fashion magazine Elle Australia.

7 Hobbies That Can Help Your Career

Some people think passion projects are indulgences, something to squeeze in only when daily work is done. Others feel hobbies detract from on-job performance, preventing us from building skills we need now. But “hobbies are essential for healthy work and life integration,” explains Alexandra Levit, business consultant and author of How’d You Score That Gig? “If you have something else important in your world, you will have fresh energy to devote to your career.”


Passion projects “provide opportunities to network, learn more marketable skills, and pursue new income streams,” she says. Here are seven to try—or that you might already enjoy—that help you from 9 to 5.

1. Writing. Levit didn’t set out to write a best-selling nonfiction book. “I started with fictional stories,” she explains, “and in writing and selling them learned the essentials of editing, proposal writing, and marketing, all of which improved the caliber of my business writing and my career as a nonfiction author.” Writing also teaches discipline—and the art of gracefully handling scrutiny and rejection.

2. Volunteering, especially in a leadership capacity. Organizing an adoption campaign for your area animal shelter or serving on a women’s rights organization’s board, as one of career coach Phyllis Mufson’s client did, can show employers how they can put your organizational and leadership skills to work. “If you have the natural ability, your hobby can help you develop transferable skills to advance your career,” she says.

3. Playing the stock market. If you have money to spare, learning to invest your extra dollars “builds business acumen and financial knowledge,” says Levitt, so that when your company commits a financial faux pas or doesn’t know enough about the state of the market to confidentially choose its new 401K plan, you’ll be in a position to lend an educated hand.

4. Working out. “Exercising builds focus, discipline, and provides practice adhering to a schedule,” explains Levitt. “It may also provide opportunities to hone teamwork skills.” What’s more, Center for Creative Leadership data has shown that employees with higher body mass indexes are more often—and unfairly!—viewed as less effective in their jobs by their higher-ups. Working out beats back that bad image.

5. Playing video games. Staring endlessly at a computer or TV screen, touching nothing but a remote, might sound like little more than a massive time suck. But battling digital aliens or dragons actually “increases strategic perspective, problem solving ability, and creativity,” says Levitt.

6. Taking classes. If your hands itch to paint or your feet yearn to dance, don’t toil at your hobby from home. Instead, take lessons—because you never know who you’ll meet in class. “Everyone knows that networking can advance your career, but many people feel uncomfortable networking. That discomfort disappears when you are meeting people through shared interests,” Mufson says. “Even if your hobby is solitary you can join a club, take classes or go to a convention and create genuine connections with like-minded people.”

7. Traveling. Taking a long weekend or your dream two-week vacation in France isn’t all about escaping work. Rather, traveling hones valuable and teaches skills that employers universally appreciate: It “increases language ability, resilience, flexibility, and the understanding of other cultures,” Levitt says.

Finally, even if your passion project doesn’t translate on the job, consider it could become your job—and whether it should. Mufson recalls a client who loved sailing so much he left a journalism job to captain a crew and teach young people how to command a ship. Another woman regularly volunteered with Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, advocating for foster children and their families. When she was laid off at her day job, Mufson recalls, CASA immediately offered her a full-time paid position.

However, “don’t assume every hobby can or should be a viable career path,” warns Levitt. “Some hobbies, when they become day jobs, will have the enjoyment sucked out of them. It’s also hard to make a living from many hobbies—that’s why they are fun!”

White Nights Weekend Special | FashionTV

This weekend on FashionTV, we celebrate the shade of the stars – from the runways to the red carpet, beautiful bridal wear, fashion films and more… get ready for the ultimate fashion white out! It’s time for FashionTV’s White Nights Weekend Special. Tune in: June 19-21.

White, as a shade of choice can be a bold move for many, but the light hue is seeing a fashion revival, and not just under the altar! Here’s a taste of things to come…

Candice Swanepoel shows us how to wear white on the beach

Wearing white on the beach is brave, but not for Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel, who heads to the Caribbean island of St Barths with Maxim on her white shoot. Check out the bold looks below:

Chanel’s love affair with white

In the history of Chanel, the French fashion house has had a long-term love affair with 5 colors, one of them – white. Why white? Because in the beginning there was white, because it captures light, illuminates the face, enhances beauty – because it’s the color of absolute transparency and transcendence. And if that doesn’t convince you, then watch the clip below!

Wedding white

But what would be a White Night Special without a touch of wedding white? Taking a bohemian spin on the traditional wedding, California brand Free People show us how to Live FP Ever After, stylishly.

Make sure to tune in for all the hottest clips, this weekend on FashionTV!

Bar Refaeli’s Extreme Sexy Gym Makeover | Midnight Hot

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli has hit the headlines with a fierce new cover for Marie Claire Mexico.

Photographed by Hunter & Gatti, the 29-year-old blonde beauty is pictured in figure hugging swimwear, crop tops and underwear for the sexy photo shoot.

Glamor aside, the sports-inspired shoot, is not far from her own personal training routine. “Addicted Dedicated,” she writes on Instagram accompanying a workout post, Refaeli is an avid fan of TRX workouts, and Krav Maga; the model keeps her shape and tone with a strict workout schedule that develops core strength, balance and flexibility.

Refaeli recently announced her engagement to Israeli business tycoon Adi Ezra.

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli has hit the headlines



Sexiest Lingerie Campaigns of 2014 | Midnight Hot

Agent Provocateur, Yamamay, Victoria’s Secret and more! FashionTV rounds up the Sexiest Lingerie Campaigns

MIRAGE: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

Look away if you dare! Penelope Cruz succeeded her directorial debut for Agent Provocateur with this L’Agent by AP collection Autumn/Winter ‘14 short film; which sees a lost explorer’s sparkling mirage of everything he’d ever dreamt of.


Christmas may be over, but the sexy underwear gifts live on! This season, Yamamay hit the jackpot, with their sexy Christmas intimates collection modeled by… Emily Ratajaowski.

FEARLESS: Victoria’s Secret

Whether you are scandalous, fearless, or simply very sexy the Victoria’s Secret Angels don’t want you to hold back when it comes to choosing your intimates. Starring supermodels Jasmine Tookes, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt and Candice Swanepoel.


Who said you need a man to have a good time? Triumph shows us how to enjoy a wild winter indoors with the ultimate party piece!


5 Kickstarter Success Stories Featuring Amazing Women (and 5 More You Can Help Fund Today)

What better way to celebrate the spirit of Independence Day than with stories of successful women entrepreneurs? Meet five women who successfully turned their Kickstarter goals into kick-ass media and technology, and meet five women who could use your support today!


1. The Veronica Mars Movie

As a television show, Veronica Mars defied all expectations for a “teen drama” and when it was canceled three seasons in, fans AND star Kristen Bell (along with creator Rob Thomas) called for a reboot in the shape of a movie. In March 2013 they launched the Kickstarter, and in March 2014, they released the movie.

2. The Emotiv Insight

This “Brainware” was developed by Tan Le, the founder and brilliant president of Emotiv, and uses sensors to listen to your brain signals to help you improve your attention span and focus. The project was fully funded in 2013, and today you can purchase a headset of your own to take your inter-electronic relationships to the next level. Le is an amazing woman who, at the age of four, immigrated from Vietnam to Australia with her sister, mother and grandmother. Check out her TEDx Talk here.

3. Coalition Snow

The badass women behind Coalition Snow created their own company to produce ski and snowboard gear exclusively for women, fighting the “shrink it and pink it” motto most major snow-sport companies usually ascribe to when it comes to their “feminine” products. Coalition’s first line was gorgeous and nearly sold out, and the Kickstarter they created for their second was fully funded back in May. Check it out when it hits stores this fall!

4. The Riveter

Named after Rosie (ha!) the Riveter magazine features long-form journalism produced exclusively by women. The publication launched in June 2013 and was releasing one issue a year before they fully-funded their Kickstarter. Thanks to a successful campaign, they’ll be launching quarterly this fall!

5. Strong Female Protagonist

This webcomic about social justice and superheroes reached its funding goal in June 2014 and hit the presses late last year. Creators Molly Ostertag (illustrator) and Brennan Lee Mulligan (writer) have been publishing this story about a “young, middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility, and a crippling sense of social injustice” twice a week for the past three years.

And with time came a very robust fanbase, as their Kickstarter raised nearly eight times as much as their original funding goal! Check out Book #1 here.

Want to get in on funding some awesome projects? Take a look at some of our favorite campaigns below!

1. Strong Sisters

This documentary is about the history of women in Colorado politics. The Centennial State has the highest percentage of women state legislators in the country, and this documentary takes a peak behind the scenes of state politics. Check out the trailer:

2. My So-Called Identity

Like Strong Female Protagonist, My So-Called Identity is a long-running webcomic looking to publish its second print edition. This comic revolutionized visual representations of women in comics, with a main character (Cat) who’s the smartest person in her small city, but has trouble being taken seriously. Instead of giving up, she puts on a costume and fights the good fight her own way.

3. KnitYak

No two scarves come out alike with KnitYak, a software program that uses an algorithm to generate original knit patterns for beautiful scarves. Creator Fabienne Serriere uses math to create gorgeous scarves and ensure that each design is completely unique (like a snowflake you can wear).

4. Badass Feminist Coloring Book

“Badass Feminist Coloring Book” is kind of self-explanatory, right? Creator Ijeoma Oluo came up with the idea to help her combat how, “shi**y the world can be sometimes” and the finished book promises to feature original, ready-to-color images of Lindy West, Jenny Yang, Jennifer Pozner and more!

5. NOS Magazine

NOS creator Sara Luterman wanted to helm an online publication aimed at promoting neurodiversity among its contributors. If fully funded, NOS (which stands for “Not Otherwise Specified”) will be able to feature and pay writers with autism, neurological, psychological, and intellectual disabilities for their artistic contributions.

Office Bullying Is Real: 6 Ways to Deal

My supervisor interrupted a meeting to announce every single thing wrong with my magazine page. In front of everyone, she ticked down a list of errors I hadn’t written in—each spacing issue, each misplaced word she pointed out had wormed their way onto the page after it left my desk and before I had been given the chance to correct them.

Not one to trade blow-by-embarrassing blow, I took my public shaming in stride, simply nodding along—until she relayed she’d belittled my ability, not just the errors, to my boss. “He wasn’t very happy that you didn’t catch these mistakes,” she spit out as our audience looked on.

“I wish you would have come to me first before my boss,” I said, “so that I could have explained the page hadn’t come back to my desk yet,” I calmly defended myself. But as I completed the sentiment, she stormed out of the conference room and into her office, slamming her door with such force our coffee mugs shook on the table.

She didn’t speak to me for a week.


Office bullies can be as catty, cruel, and cutting as the mean girls we faced in high school. Only these women in power suits have the opportunity to negatively impact our careers. Experts estimate nearly 40 percent of women have or will face an office bully over the course of their work lives.

“An bully is simply a rude and inconsiderate person who probably lacks confidence, is unhappy with some aspect of their life and is taking it out on others,” defines Rosalinda Randall, author of Don’t Burp in the Boardroom: Your Guide to Handling Uncommonly Common Workplace Dilemmas. “It is someone who uses lying, cursing, threats, empty promises, or insults to get what they want, feel a sense of superiority, or even feel ‘liked.’”

While bullies are often easy to spot, feeling bullied is relative. “To some, it can be as subtle as not being invited to a group lunch,” she says. “For others, it has to be much more blatant, such as having someone take full credit for a project without mentioning the others involved.”

And while it’s tempting to not rock the boat lest you drown in a bully’s retribution, gone unchecked, bullying has serious consequences. “Typically, if you remain quiet about the rude and inconsiderate behavior you will become very unhappy, very quickly,” says Randall. “It affects relationships, productivity, motivation, and personality; having a negative effect on your personal life as well.”

So don’t sit back. Instead, here’s how you can face an office bully head-on.

Speak up when it happens.
It’s OK to let a bully know he or she is behaving in a way that isn’t acceptable—in a professional manner, of course. Say, for example, “’I’ll be happy to complete that report. But I would prefer your spoke to me in a less condescending tone,’” Randall suggests.

Request a meeting with the bully.
You won’t win this war by immediately going above the bully’s head. Instead, ask to speak to him or her “discreetly and privately, or include a mutually agreed upon impartial third party to attend,” says Randall, to see if you can work out the issue amongst yourselves. “Refrain from becoming emotional. Stick to the facts, dates, and infractions. Listen before reacting or responding. Take it all in.”

Try to see his or her side.
Is his or her persistent bad ‘tude coming from a misunderstanding or lack of communication? “Ask them questions about where they are coming from,” suggest Hallie Crawford, career coach and founder of career coaching company Hallie Crawford. “Sometimes understanding another person’s perspective can alleviate the situation or bring out the truth. That won’t make the bullying OK, but it could reveal deep-seated issues you can deal with up front.”

Issue a warning.
If you’ve tried to work it out one-on-one but the bully hasn’t changed—or has even increased his or her assault—it’s time to let them know you’re serious. “Tell them how you feel, adding ‘I want to be able to work this out between us without bringing HR into it,’” Randall says. “It’s a bit threatening, but if it the behavior has persisted, you must make an impact.” Be ready to follow through if the warning doesn’t work.

Develop an action plan.
It’s not enough to say the situation must change. You must work together to develop goals and set benchmarks to gauge whether the situation is moving from bad to better. “Come up with the plan together, or with human resources if you choose to take a more formal route,” Crawford says. “Give yourself a timeline for how long you will allow the plan to be implemented before you take further action, or decide to leave the company, if necessary.”

Consider the source.
Before you bow out because of a bully, think twice. “If they are a curmudgeon at heart, an unpleasant soul who is a scrooge to everyone, deciding to overlook it is an option,” says Randall. “Especially, if you like your job, the company, and your coworkers.”

The Supreme Court Declares Gay Marriage Is a Right


In a momentous day for civil rights, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled Friday that the Constitution effectively grants all American citizens the right to get married—including same-sex couples.

All The Celebrities Who Are Thrilled About the Supreme Court’s Decision to Legalize Gay Marriage

The 5-to-4 decision is a landmark win for the gay rights’ movement. Prior to the decision, gay marriage was recognized at the state level in 37 states and the District of Colombia—see a map here. In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy writes: “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. … [The challengers] ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

Here’s how politicos are celebrating on social media:

For same-sex couples in the 13 states that didn’t previously recognize gay marriage, the ruling will mean major changes in some key areas:

1. Adoption Rights
In the states where same-sex couples weren’t allowed to marry, they often weren’t allowed to adopt children together; one parent would do the adopting, and in some cases, the second parents’ rights were in limbo. The ruling won’t eliminate all of the legal logistics that come with an LGBTQ adoption—for example, lawmakers could try to enact a law that defines “parents” as a man and a woman—but it will give attorneys a lot more ammunition in court, according to Kirsten Ott, the editorial director and founder of, a lesbian-owned online wedding and marriage equality magazine for LGBTQ couples.

2. Taxes
Same-sex couples nationwide have been allowed to file their federal taxes together since 2013, when the Supreme Court overturned DOMA. Following today’s decision, same-sex couples in every state will be able file a state return jointly, too. (See here for some of the potential benefits of filing jointly.) “That’s going to feel amazing,” says Kirsten, who lives with her wife of six years in Georgia, where their marriage (performed at City Hall in New York City) wasn’t previously recognized.

3. Legal Protection
It’s going to be harder to be anti-gay: Most states, for example, have laws in place that bar discrimination on the grounds of marital status—but in states didn’t previously recognize gay marriage, those laws didn’t apply to same-sex couples. Where, in the past, a landlord might not have to rent to a same-sex couple or a business owner could deny service, both could land in court for discrimination now.

4. Ownership of Joint Property
If one spouse should pass away, the other will automatically have rights to any property they shared. Previously, the deceased spouse’s family could step in and try to claim ownership of the couple’s home or any other property, especially if the deceased partner didn’t have a will. (In some states, including Texas unmarried man-woman couples are protected by common law—so they’re considered legally married after a certain amount of time—but those laws didn’t apply to same-sex couples in the past.)

5. Next-of-Kin Rights
Hospitals used to be able to force a same-sex spouse to leave the room and pass any decision-making rights regarding the the hospitalized person’s health to his or her family. (This was particularly problematic for a sick person with an anti-gay family who he may not even have a relationship with.) Now any same-sex spouses will be allowed the right to participate in the partner’s health decisions and end-of-life care.

6. Divorce
In the past, if you lived in a state that didn’t recognize gay marriage, that state wouldn’t grant you a gay divorce. That meant that couples in the middle of break-up wouldn’t get the benefits of divorce laws, which are meant to protect a couple and their assets as they split—unless they moved and established residency (which can take months to years) in a state that recognized gay marriage. (So in a guy-guy or girl-girl divorce, the lower-earning partner wouldn’t be granted spousal support or rights to assets accumulated during the marriage, for example.) Now a same-sex couple can stay put and split. “Lucky us,” says Kirsten, “new legal battles.”

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