From Chanel To Loewe: The Costumes In ‘Challengers’ Go Beyond Tenniscore Fashion

Anderson’s touches are all over the film, from the can’t-miss-if-you-tried placement of Uniqlo (even the wristbands boast the logo), which his label JW Anderson has an ongoing collaboration with, to the appearance of the Loewe Flamenco bag and On trainers that the Spanish luxury label has partnered with. When it comes to his designs, Anderson is a master of subversion (see: the custom Loewe tennis ball-adorned heels and grass green-coloured gown featuring tennis motifs that Zendaya has been wearing as part of the press tour). Rather than leaning into the boring, albeit trendy, tenniscore trend (which is bound to reach a fever pitch following the film’s release), this cheekiness translates into pieces like the aforementioned “I Told Ya” shirt — which, in a brilliant publicity move, will be sold at Loewe starting April 26 — a pink Juicy Couture zip-up jacket that Tashi wears when away from the public eye, and the type of cork-heel platforms that were only acceptable in the late ’00s.

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