The Best Bar Sets and Barware for Your At-Home Bar

“Ice is 50 percent of what makes up a good cocktail,” says Carmine Tancredi, one of Sweeties’ resident mixologists, as he carefully prepares a drink. Considering all of us have probably felt the consequences of nursing a drink too long, it seems commonsensical, but it’s one that’s often forgotten when making a drink yourself. Burgess echoes this, “there are two things to consider when making drinks at home: dilution and temperature.” 

With ice in your drink-making arsenal, you can regularly create crisp cocktails that only become more enjoyable when the ice melts. As it liquefies, your concoction becomes more diluted, opening up your drink and enhancing the ingredients’ flavors. While there’s no universally used ice brand (ice is ice, folks), there are products to reduce your freezer trips and enhance your bar set.