The 13 Best Powder Foundations That Do It All

High summer heatwaves are real. As our wardrobe essentials morph into barely-there swim silhouettes and breathable, open-crochet summer knits, our makeup routine is simultaneously acclimating to the infamously long days of higher temps. We trade in full-coverage liquid foundations for lightweight highlighters to achieve a flawless summer glow and opt for cooling products like a refreshing face mist to offer both a moment of relief in the summer sun and a way to set our makeup. Beauty in high summer emphasizes sporting a sun-kissed glow, while also being extremely practical. And as we take this time to reassess the best makeup practices for summer skin, let us introduce—or reintroduce—you to the season’s unsung hero: powder foundation. 

While these powdery formulas might have once gotten a bad rap for their tendency to make the skin appear dry or chalky, there’s actually a lot to love about the powder foundations of 2021. For one, they’re much easier and faster to apply than their liquid counterpart—a must during the busy summer travel months. And two, they’re far more buildable, offering every level of coverage from sheer to full. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of powder foundations, however, is their long-lasting wear. When lightly dusted over a full makeup look, they not only offer a flawless, matte finish but also help set your makeup by slowing down the process of natural face oils blending with foundation oils, causing it to look streaky or cakey. And in the high summer heat, it’s necessary to have a protective foundation powder on hand to ensure your makeup doesn’t melt off within minutes of stepping outside. Ahead, discover our edit of the 13 most luxurious powder foundations worth investing in this summer and the months to come.

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