Jamie Chung’s “Stop Asian Hate” Clutch Made a Powerful Fashion Statement at the SAG Awards


Lovecraft Country star Jamie Chung  made a powerful statement that transcended the fashion sphere during the 2021 SAG Awards. Jamie wore a firetruck-red, off-the-shoulder Oscar de la Renta gown with ruffled sleeves, which she paired with matching Stuart Weitzman heels and a custom Edie Parker clutch engraved with gold lettering that spelled out “Stop Asian Hate.” “In some Asian cultures, the colour red symbolizes joy, luck and happiness,” Jamie captioned a post on Instagram on Sunday. “In Korean culture, it symbolises creation, passion and power. I’m so proud of my history and heritage.”

Following the fatal Atlanta spa shootings on March 16, Jamie sat down with POPSUGAR to deliver an inspiring message about the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. “I think what’s most important, especially with our community, is speaking up about it,” she said. “We’re so conditioned to – like I said earlier – keep our heads down, not complain, not say anything, or make waves. But you need to speak up. If someone has experienced violence plainly because they are Asian American, which is f*cking terrifying, say something. Report it, make noise, tell other people.”

Jamie added that hate crimes against the Asian American community are nothing new, but we must speak up and take action to put an end to this hateful cycle of discrimination and racist behaviour.

“I don’t think it’s a time to be quiet anymore,” she said. “And I’m not saying that we’ve always been quiet. Our activists have certainly been vocal and active, but these stories need to be heard. Heard, but also not questioned or glazed over. Because this occurred when the SARS pandemic happened. Hate against Asian Americans, there’s nothing new certainly, but it’s time that it f*cking stops. And how we do that is sharing these stories and we validate them, don’t question them. Let’s start the process of change and education. I think that what’s happening is disgusting, but that’s the only way that we move forward because we can’t let this continue, it needs to stop. I’ve never seen anything like this, but it’s a time that we do come together. What’s great is that our communities come together, and we have a lot of support from other communities as well.”

See Jamie’s clutch and her SAG Awards look from all angles here.

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