In A Stressful World, Maggie Yu Focuses on Acts of Kindness

Maggie was photographed exclusively for by Franco Schicke (assisted by Robyn & May Taylor), with styling by Emily Jones, hair by Laura Chadwick, and makeup by Elaine Lynskey. Many thanks to Julien.


Maggie Yu

Premier Model Management (London), Oui Management (Paris), Why Not Model Management (Milan), Blow Models (Barcelona), Another Species (mother agency)



Place of Origin:
This is a tough question! I usually say I am from Vancouver, Canada. However, I lived in Beijing for the majority of my life and my family is from Shanghai. I would consider all three of these cities home.

Ethnic Origin:



How discovered:
I was discovered by a scout that went to my university. I believe he saw me from volleyball and found me on Instagram to ask me to go to an open call at the agency.

Best modeling experience so far?
Probably working with Isamaya Ffrench for Burberry beauty. It was so inspiring to work side by side with such an idolized makeup artist and shoot for one of my favourite brands!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
True crime shows/podcasts. Also, the sleepwalking videos by @celinaspookyboo on TikTok and Instagram; she makes me proud to be Canadian.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do/try?
Go heli-skiing with my boyfriend!!

How do you want to make an impact in the world?
I want to bring joy and happiness to those around me, whether it is through making yummy food, giving out advice or doing little acts of kindness. I have a pretty laid-back personality and I want to bring that energy to others in this stressful world.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Expect nothing and appreciate everything. I think this piece of advice is so important in this industry!! Plus, I believe everyone can learn to appreciate life a little more.