Favorite Products for Glowing Skin

Tan Luxe The Face I add a few drops into my face moisturizer to achieve the look of a sun kissed face! I use shade medium/dark Start with a few drops first then adjust as needed!

Tan Luxe SuperGlow I love this serum because not only it is a sunless tanner for your face but also a hyaluronic acid so you are getting a boost of moisture and plumbing benefits to your face!

Hourglass Bronzer best bronzer! I love this one!

Hourglass Brush The brush I use for my bronzer.

Necessaire Exfoliator exfoliating is a must before applying sunless tanners. I use the Necessaire one in the shower before I use my drops!

Tan Luxe The Butter is a tanning lotion I like to use in tandem with my drops. I alternate this and the drops to maintain my sunless tan!

Tan Luxe The Body These body Self-Tan Drops are like the face drops.

  • Mix 2 to 6 drops per body part with your favorite body moisturizer, oil or cream.
  • Additional drops will add depth of color.

Body Blur I use this is I need an instant tan on my arms or legs. It’s a skin-finishing body makeup that perfects your skin, giving it a natural-looking tint while reflecting light for a photo-ready finish. I use the artis body brush to apply. This is also good for your feet or hands since sometimes I miss them when using the body drops

Artis Body Brush This brush is so perfect for blending in the body blur, I love all Artis brush in general they blend very well


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