10 Contour Sticks that Will Give You the Bella Hadid-Worthy Cheekbones of Your Dreams

Have you ever noticed that contouring is a bit like injectables? When done with a skilled hand, it has a way of subtly enhancing your entire look, making your face appear more lifted and sculpted, and in some cases, even more youthful. But when done poorly, well, let’s just say the results are far from ideal. The good news is that unlike injectables, you don’t need to be a trained professional to flawlessly sculpt and shade your way to Bella Hadid-worthy cheekbones. All you need is a good contour stick. 

While there are countless contouring powders, palettes, and kits to choose from, contour sticks are by far the easiest tool to use, especially if you’re a newbie. Not only are their formulas super creamy, and therefore, easier to blend for a more natural finish, but they’re also more forgiving, making them almost impossible to mess up. Even better? Buffing them in requires just a few swipes of your fingertips—no complicated makeup brushes or hard-to-clean sponges needed. 

So if you happen to be among those of us without genetically blessed bone structure and want to ease your way into the intimidating world of contouring, look no further. We’ve rounded up 10 contour sticks that are so good people will start wondering if you’ve had work done.