Billie Eilish Went Blonde and Now We Have Hair Color Envy

Maybe you just got broken up with or you landed that fabulous promotion. Whatever the reason, a dramatic color change gives you a chance to rebrand yourself. And when we change our hair color, we tend to take on the personality that we perceive goes along with it. Shy or lacking confidence? See if blondes really do have more fun. Want to be a risk-taker? Dye your hair pastel pink. Craving a more elusive vibe? Black it is. For Eilish, who was born a blonde, we presume it’s more about getting back to her roots (literally) and showing a softer, more vulnerable side.

If her platinum transformation has inspired you to make a change, but you’re on the fence about the commitment, start by using a color depositing shampoo to deepen your shade or enhance highlights you may already have. But if you want something much more drastic, opt for a temporary hair dye that will wash out after a few shampoos. Or, if like us, you’re craving a more permanent look à la Eilish, book an appointment with your stylist, and don’t hold back.

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