12 Bridgerton-Inspired Hair Pins That Are Guaranteed to Make You the Talk of the Ton

Corsets, elaborate jewelry, steamy love affairs—there’s a lot to love about Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton (64 million viewers can’t be wrong, after all). But for all of its titillating spoon-licking and back-stabbing debutante drama, there’s one element of the show that has us completely enthralled to the point of obsession, and that’s the hair. A theatrical display of cascading tendrils, diamond-studded tiaras, and towering updos, these immaculately crafted hairstyles are without a doubt the true diamonds of the series. And if past TV beauty obsessions have taught us anything (read: Beth Harmon’s fiery red hair in The Queen’s Gambit or Euphoria’s glitter-speckled eye makeup), that can only mean one thing: our beauty routines are about to receive the full Regency treatment

But while channeling Daphne’s perfectly flushed cheeks or Lady Danbury’s bold arches are as easy as popping by your local Sephora, mirroring the show’s gravity-defying hairdos is a bit more challenging. After all, powdered wigs and bejeweled tiaras don’t exactly scream 21st-century beauty. But that’s where hair pins come into play.

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