All the Best Twitter Reactions to the Premiere of ‘Married at First Sight’ Australia 2021


Can you believe we’ve just sat down to the very first episode of Married at First Sight for 2021?

While it feels like last season only just premiered, we’ve already been thrust into the lives of 18 brand new participants, watched the most tame hens night and bucks party ever, sat through two weddings, the introduction of a group retreat and have even been enamoured by new expert and sexologist, Alessandra Rampolla. Phew!

While it was all system’s go, as usual, Twitter was set alight with memes, memes and even more memes and we’ve got to say, some people are so clever!

We’ve compiled a list of the best from the night, broken down into bite-size pieces from the evening.

We Watched As the Entire Season Whirled Before Us and Then There Was a Hen’s Party

And a Buck’s Party

And also a Snafu Between Coco Steadman and Samantha Harvey

We Were Introduced to Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven…

Followed by Jake Edwards and His Bride, Rebecca Zemeck

We Watched Ruthven and Rawson’s Wedding

Followed by Zemeck and Edward’s Awkward Nuptials

And the End to An Emotional Night

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