Kim Kardashian’s Brows Are Trending and Please, Don’t Let It Be a Sign of What’s to Come

Instagram @kimkardashian

A recent picture posted to Instagram by Kim Kardashian is a ’90s dream. Captioned “16 year old KK” [sic], it’s a close-up image of Kardashian from 1997 and the main focal point of the picture, in our humble opinion, is her razor-thin eyebrows. Considering the voluminous nature of Kardashian’s brows now, in 2021, it’s wild to see how the ’90s trends treated Kardashian.

And, we have to say, we’re kind of into it. Aesthetically speaking, the ’90s wasn’t the kindest in terms of fashion and beauty trends. As lovers of all things bushy and brushed up when it comes to brows, it’s hard for us to imagine whittling away our brows with tweezers in the name of style.

But, dare we say, this photo of Kardashian is making a case for thinner, more structured brows. In fact, one follower even commented, “These brows are making a come back I can feel it”. On the flip side, there is fear of the trend coming back given how long many of us have spent trying to get our brow hairs to grow back… The concern is not surprising given the effect Kardashian has on trends.

Kardashian is an old hand at moving the needle in the style stakes, and just in recent years, has re-popularised bike shorts, wearing trackies with high heels and for a moment, tiny sunglasses. Think of all the latex outfit Kardashian has donned over the years, leading to a rise in latex garments in high street stores.

In the beauty world, it’s easy to see Kardashian’s influence — especially when it comes to the emphasis put on bottoms these days. Makeup-wise, Kardashian is the contouring queen, which led to her hugely successful KKW Beauty brand. Now, she could be adding eyebrow influencer to her extensive resume.