A Casual Outfit for the Beach that Easily Transitions to a Swimsuit

When traveling to a location like the Riviera Maya—and if you’re staying at a resort near the beach—chances are the resort has a private beach for guests. What we noticed is that most travelers don’t ever leave the resort. I mean, why would you right? You have everything you need at these resorts, but by sticking close you only get exposed to a tiny portion of what this wonderful area has to offer.

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A couple of things to keep in mind when putting together a casual outfit like this one:Since it was only Peter and I making our way through the Riviera Maya we traveled light. Any unnecessary items stayed behind. The same thing applied to our outfits. I loved this casual outfit because it did double duty.Since it was HOT at Akumal Beach…well in Mexico in general…I didn’t have the desire to change into dry clothes. The wet swimsuit kept me cool for a little longer and I didn’t have to worry about finding a changing room. Very convenient.Akumal Beach is filled with palm trees, so finding some shade to relax in won’t be a problem unless there are a lot of people. As you can see from the photos there are also lots of boats near the shore, a by-product of all the snorkeling and scuba diving tours that are available in the area.Life vests are not mandatory, but if you’re going to be out in the water for longer than 45 minutes it sure makes it easier. I was able to rent one for .

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Casual Outfit for Beach Travels

After snorkeling for about an hour I came across one huge sea turtle! It was pretty amazing! If you’re lucky you’ll spot one right away.When on summer vacation you’re likely going to be taking some trips to a beach. The beach might be far from your resort, hotel or Airbnb, so what you bring to the beach and what you wear is very important. A casual outfit is always best when having to travel some distance. This is especially important if you’re only traveling with your significant other and don’t want to have to carry a lot of items with you.One Piece Swimsuit from target Gladiator Sandals from Klub Nico Shorts from Buckle Belt from Lucky Brand Hat from Anthropologie (Sold out) Sunglasses from Dolce Gabanna
The black “top” is actually a black one-piece swimsuit. To put together this casual outfit all I needed was a casual pair of shorts, sandals, hat, and sunglasses. When I was ready to jump in the water all I had to do was take off my shorts and accessories and I was ready to go. Getting ready to leave the beach was just as easy.[show_shopthepost_widget id=”1816327″]Try this outfit trick next time you’re headed to the beach and don’t want to worry about changing when you get there or when you leave.Wear shorts that match your one-piece swimsuit. This outfit works so well because of the balance between the dark swimsuit and the washed out denim. This black one-piece swimsuit is a little on the fancier side, so the denim shorts really brings this outfit level down to casual. If I would have worn colored chinos or a skirt, it would have no longer been a casual outfit.Akumal means “Land of Turtles” in Mayan, so I can only assume that the sea turtles have called this beach their home for a very long time. Upon arriving at Akumal Beach you’ll be “greeted” by many locals trying to rent you snorkeling gear. They will tell you that life vests are mandatory for snorkeling and you can’t go in the water without one.Peter and I made an effort to leave the resorts and explore as much as we could in the short amount of time we had. We especially wanted to see other beaches, such as those in Tulum, Cozumel, and Playa Del Carmen.

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Don’t ignore the details. The belt, sandals, hat, and sunnies make this outfit. Without these accessories, this outfit would have been pretty boring.This summer Peter and I spent a couple of weeks in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We visited a lot of beaches, some close to the resorts we were staying in and some we had to travel a distance to visit. In the Riviera Maya there are those special beaches that you just have to visit, like Akumal Beach.We took these photos at Akumal Beach, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, about a 35-minute drive from our resort. This beach is known for snorkeling and its sea turtles.I also loved this black one-piece swimsuit because it has cute ruffle eyelet detailing and was very fitted. The shape and fit was perfect and it was only , from Target. Share via:I double checked the beach rules by asking at a local dive shop. To snorkel in Akumal Beach all you need is snorkeling gear. Since Peter and I had been doing so much snorkeling while in the Riviera Maya we had purchased our own at the start. If you have your own gear all you have to do is put in on and go in the water.When traveling to beach resorts? Do you go explore the nearby towns or other beaches?

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