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It is 2022, and still, such controversial subjects are always the talk of the town. Why the fashion industry is so partial and discriminative to work in?  In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most common questions that even you might have thought about at some point, why most fashion models are so slim? Why the fashion industry doesn’t take curvy or thick models more often? If you are excited to know about it, then you are in the right spot!

Yes, the Fashion industry has shown its discrimination multiple of times. It is one of the most controversial industries to be in. There is huge competition and partiality seen on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we neglect the initiative organizations are taking to make positive changes. The numbers are fewer indeed, but they can only rise when we as a society highlight them. There’s no denial in saying that the fashion industry is very much misunderstood. Just because it’s been infamous for its acts does not make it will never change.  Let’s look at some history before delving into this subject.

Looking back on history

Let’s look at history, for instance, the Past has shown, divine feminity with their natural bodies. Their evidence is prominent in sculptures, books, stories, and even cinema. You can see deities and mythological stories have shown women of all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Then how a body of specific proportions is considered beautiful or “in trend” these days?  where is this coming from?

perfect body Renaissance

There was a time when females with perfect bodies, colors, shapes, and sizes are considered ideal for modeling. Sadly even in present times, the majority of fashion models belong to a particular body type. But there is a big misunderstanding among common people who think that this is due to the “perfect” figure of models. Which is entirely false. Why most fashion models are slim and not curvy is due to a reason you might have not thought about. 

The truth behind fashion models being so slim?

The truth is that most fashion models are so slim and skinny in the fashion industry because of the “Default” size of the garment construction. According to science for body and measurement,  a “model body” is a perfect fit to showcase apparel in its most definite form. This body is suited for any type and any size of garment. This is also evidently seen as why the same model is able to slay different styles so effortlessly. This also makes it easy for designers to not focus too much on selecting an ideal model for their attire. Just put it on anyone, Simple, right?  

Another not-so-popular reason is, the garment made for showcasing( in a fashion show) is of a basic size. All Skinny models usually have a similar basic body measurement which is used for the collection. This way it is easy to construct a garment in one size.
To understand this in simple terms, Take an example of mathematics, just like there is a basic formula in maths for every theory and other formulas are being derived from it.  Similarly, Garment construction in fashion is no less than mathematics, you deal with a lot of calculations. In fashion terms, the ideal/basic body measurement is considered for garment construction which is then scaled up or down according to the brand’s requirement. 

This is it!… and That is the reason why most models are tall and thin. Gone are the days when the modeling industry was too rigid and infamous for its exclusivity in body shapes and sizes. The stereotype of “the perfect body” is in the past now. By bringing the Fashion Revolution, brands are more inclusive and target people of all kinds.

There are the following reasons why “ONLY slim models” is the past issue.

  • It is true that agencies are very strict when it comes to picking up models for a show. They look for the specific body size, weight, shape, posture, etc., But at the same time, there has been a huge influx of body positivity. Especially, in plus-size bodies and skin color. This is also promoted by established Luxury Brands including Alexander McQueen and Chanel for using plus-sized models to showcase latest collections – with Versace choosing THREE larger women for the first time ever.
  • Influencers play a huge role in body positivity. Social media is the ultimate medium to make this possible. Fashion influencers like @Stylebysakshi, @Khushakapadia, and Kritika Khurana are some of the famous figures who promote body inclusivity.
  • Looking at the issue it raises among the general public, more and more brands are coming in for the body positivity role. Brands like Asos, Modcloth, Swimsuits For All, Everlane, and American Eagle are highly focused on sustainability and body positivity.
  • India is not far behind to take this upbeat endeavor. One of the prominent names of the Indian fashion industry Sabyasachi, in his 2021 collection showcased women of all shapes and sizes.
Sabyasachi just dropped his spring 2017 couture collection on Instagram | Vogue India
Image source: Vouge.in

Not only this there are more plus-size emerging Indian brands like True Browns, Nexus by Lifestyle, Amydus, Intermodal, TurnBlack, etc following an approach to build body Inclusivity in the clothing industry. 

  • The progress might seem slow but it is growing with more and more people taking initiative. And if you think it is insignificant, just compare it to what the industry was like a few decades ago, and you’d be glad about where we are today. We are becoming more diverse and welcoming. 

To say that fashion is discriminative in its work would be unfair because it is also one of the widely accepted industries. It emphasizes the taboo by unleashing some of the sensitive topics and bringing them onto the surface. Besides its unconventional approach, the fashion industry is more about creativity and expression. Fashion is unbiased. Therefore it is not something that is easily understood and accepted. It doesn’t have to be.  

What is your opinion on the fashion Industry being accepted?  Share some examples!

Also, do you think there’s a change in the industry with the era of social media?

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