Steamery’s Pilo Fabric Shaver Basically Gave Me an Entirely New Wardrobe

First thing’s first: Can we all agree that this Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver is stunning? Sleek and Scandi in it’s aesthetic, with a bauble-shaped silhouette, you’d probably never guess what its function actually is. It’s small (which means it can easily be packed for travel) but its stature doesn’t affect its output. It has a strong motor hidden inside (the same kind found in electric shavers), and three precision-made razor blades, ready to slice off that unwanted fuzz without damaging your garments in the process. 

It’s easy to charge thanks to the USB port and included cable, but it does take around five hours to fully charge—which only leaves you with about 50 minutes of actual de-bobbling action. While I wait for it to load up, I pull out a once-loved pair of black sweatpants that are, in reality, even more bobbly than I remember. These will be my test subject. Now, let’s see if this Pilo Fabric Shaver holds up.

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