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Indian Arts and Crafts have always been a part of the global talk. Indian art is known for its richness and the cultural values it holds in its designs. NMACC is a venture launched recently by Nita Ambani with a motive to revive these cultural values while taking our heritage to be seen worldwide. On its opening day, celebrities like Tom Holland, Zendeya, Gigi Hadid, Nick Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra, came to support the foundation and craft-wearing exquisite ensemble, most of which were seen wearing Rahul Mishra.

NMACC is a successful venture to make Indian art and fashion get globally acknowledged. Through the initiative with the right undertaking, Nita Ambani has proved to make India proud. This article talks about the development of NMACC took place and how Nita Ambani’s vision has turned out to become India’s major support for craftsmanship.

About Nita Ambani’s leadership in building NMACC

A powerful businesswoman, Educationist, and philanthropist, Nita Ambani is the definition of one of the most influential women leaders in India. She has always been an active member in promoting welfare activities and forming unity. Her reflection is towards making India stand globally.

She is the founder and chairperson of Reliance Foundation, a co-owner of an IPL team Mumbai Indian, Her Circle, a social platform that aims to fuel women’s empowerment, and the global renown Dhirubhai Ambani International School, the list just goes on and on.., What truly makes her an authoritative leader is her agility to carry out various roles so effortlessly.  With the undertaking of NMACC, it is yet another triumph. 

How she’s taking her love for art globally?

Not just in Business she is also a connoisseur of art and known for her collection. She is the first Indian to be on the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Her love for Indian art and craft is reflected in her social work. With her recent launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, (NMACC) in March, this can vividly be seen. The idea behind NMACC is to focus on community programs such as school and college outreach and competitions, awards for Arts teachers, in-residency Guru-shishya programs, and art literacy programs for adults among other things.  

What exactly is NMACC?

It is a four-story building located within the Jio World Centre in Mumbai’s Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), NMACC contains 16,000 square feet of exhibition space and a Theator of a 2,000-seat and two more, a lotus-themed chandelier with 8,400 Swarovski crystals . The center launched the Art House, a four-story space to spotlight leading Indian and international artists. Wherein several artists from across the country present their art and culture. For the performing arts specifically, three main spaces are made, The Grand Theatre, The Studio Theatre, and The Cube. 

Hundreds of students take a visit to this marvelous place every day and get inspired to look at the Indian rich culture and various art forms. This is what the main purpose of the NMACC cultural center is. It is to promote and preserve Indian arts and culture, through its wide range of studios and performing halls, as well as a diamond-studded grand theatre, prepared to display various forms of art.

How the NMACC began and what is its motive?

How the NMACC came into existence and how her idea to the execution, Nita Ambani in her own words states, “At the age of six, I made a choice to learn Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance form. It was a choice that empowered me, gave me confidence, and helped shape the person I am today. It became a form of devotion. Even today, dance is my meditation, my connection with the Divine. As someone so deeply touched by the arts, it has been my greatest honor to have worked with artists and craftspeople for a long time through our Reliance Foundation. I have seen first-hand the magical transformation that art makes possible. It gives hope, creates solidarity, nurtures imagination, and embraces divergence.

She added her vision of the future for NMACC, “The time has come to mark a new beginning for our longstanding commitment to art and culture. With immense joy, I am delighted to present to you the realization of a life-long dream – the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. The NMACC is a space that hopes to bind the community through the common thread of the arts. It is a tribute to India’s glorious legacy, traditions, and heritage. For the last few years, my daughter Isha and I along with our team have immersed ourselves in this dream project. The NMACC is envisioned as a platform to spotlight Indian arts and culture at its best, both for the audience and the artists. A truly inclusive center for performers and visitors, for dreamers and creators, for one and all. With world-class infrastructure and robust programming, our aim is to make the arts accessible to everyone.”

She further said, “An ode to our nation, the NMACC is our commitment to preserve and promote Indian arts. I hope our spaces nurture and inspire talent, bringing people together across India and the world. I look forward to seeing you at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. And I hope you make memories of a lifetime when you visit!”

How NMACC helps artists?

The model of the NMACC venture is to bring in more and more artists and their performers to be recognized widely. With an astonishing 55-piece live orchestra, and around 350 performance artists, this happens to be India’s first ever biggest live musical opening event, as what Abbas Khan titled this great musical to be the “biggest musical ever”, at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) in Mumbai.

How can NMACC exactly help the local artist is yet a challenge for the long haul?  Nevertheless, the success of the opening with its theme-based engaging events such as Gujarati folk, traditional mix, Sangam / Confluence, The Great Indian Musical: Civilization to Nation, ‘Atah Kim’ Kathak, Carnatic Classical like many more. This will not only pool in more people to enjoy but would also encourage them towards understanding and appreciate the culture and crafts of India, which then would help artists get recognition. It is also giving artists a space to showcase their talent, which is much needed in a craft-rich country like India..

The NMACC has set it in stone globally with its inauguration, however, whether it will succeed in making a significant influence on the general public towards the Indian art industry or will this be just another centre of “art museum”, is still a question to be answered!…Read further articles, on why you should visit art galleries often?

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