Closet Organization

The New Year organization urge has taken over at my house and one of the first areas I tackled was our linen closet. As you can see, this was a catch all area where we tended to shove things and It became an unorganized mess. Below are the tips and tools I used to tackle this area in our home.

1. Start small and select area with big impact. – I recommend selecting an area that not only needs organizing, but is also realistic in ability to complete. Rather than tackling entire upstairs, I started with our linen closet. We use this closet daily so I knew that organizing would have a big impact

2. Take everything out of space and organize into piles. – This allows you to organize when putting back in as well as see what you have hidden in the space. I was surprised at the number of things that were crammed in the back of the closet that we hadn’t used in a long time. I placed items in organized piles of sheets, cleaning supplies, toilet, paper, etc. While sorting, I also created a donate and trash pile and was realistic in what I actually needed to keep. It was crazy how many old sets of sheets I was holding on to! Be sure to clean shelves before placing things back in – if you don’t have built in shelving, a shelving unit can help you utilize space.

3. Select tools based on needs. – Sorting into piles gives you a good idea of the type and size or organization container you will need. For things frequently used, like toilet paper and paper towels, I selected these wire baskets. These rattan baskets I used for hand towels and blankets are not only pretty, but also functional in storing and available in different sizes. For misc items that are larger and not used as frequently, I used these larger bins with lids. Gold bin clips and pre-printed labels finished off the bins.

Deliberately put back. – Keep height in mind when placing back. I put our toilet paper mid-level so kids can grab easily themselves. Less frequently used Items went on top shelves while larger bins went on the floor. I also recommend decanting cleaning products when able. I used these glass spray bottles and like this for the overall look and many cleaning solutions come in refillable units. Laundry detergents were placed in glass jars and Qtips and smaller items placed in containers with lids.


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