From Utterly Sensual to Undeniably Hedonistic, These Are the Sexiest Perfumes of the Year

When perfumers are tasked with bottling up the abstract, nuance becomes pivotal. Creating a fragrance that taps into the wearer’s sensuality, versus one that empowers them to be sexy for another, turns into a dance of identifying expression—a necessary exercise in pinpointing the distinction between the two. “Sexiness is something more intentional, more exuberant,” notes Chelariu, “and the desire to be attractive is clearly expressed, while sensuality has a softer touch, warmer and memorable … more intimate.” The sexier the fragrance, the bolder the notes. The more sensual, the more subdued, conjured by notes of musk, jasmine, orange flower, and sandalwood, according to Georges-Picot.

Regardless of scent profile, she adds, fragrances are inherently a sensual experience for both their wearer and those around them. Perfume has the power of evocation. “There is nothing more intimate and sensual than the connection between fragrance and one’s emotion.” It extends beyond flirtation or finessing the art of seduction; perfumes were always meant to create a pleasurable experience no matter the intention.

 “Although everyone is so uniquely personal in the fragrances that they are drawn to, the ultimate effect is of enchantment, beauty, pleasure, feeling good, or confidence,” Chelariu states, calling it an eternally reassuring accessory. “These qualities, along with the fact that fragrance is scientifically proven to elicit positive emotional responses, are the reason fragrances have been linked to sensuality for centuries.”

Simply put, choose what you find most addictive. The combination of your scent of choice and your intention will manifest around you.