My Current Beauty Tips & Tricks + answering all your questions

I am overdue for sharing an updated beauty post with you all! I love all things makeup, skincare, and haircare. My job is to try new products so today I am going to share with you items I am currently trying and loving, products I  have been using for years, alongside some of my tried and true techniques you guys have been asking about.

Tarte Juicy Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette // It Cosmetics setting powder // Tarte Maneater eye liner // Tarte shape tape under eye concealer // It Cosmetics CC cream // Charolette Tilbury liquid blush & highlight // Charolette Tilbury light wand highlighter // Hourglass ambient lighting bronzer // Hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil // Artis makeup brush // Benefit mascara // Elemis priming moisturizer // Tarte lash primer // Baume a Levres lip balm

Q: How you curl your hair?

A: I use t3 curling iron with 1.5 inch barrel

Q: Everyday foundation and primer, do you use anything different for the summer?

A: I tend to switch up and try new products often but what I am loving now it Tarte babassu foundclear, elemis primer (pink bottle)

Q: Best beauty things you’ve done for yourself thus far?

A: In terms of skincare – a consistent skincare routine and SUNCREEN!

Facial lasers like the Halo & BBL

Q: Items you stopped using while pregnant/ breastfeeding, and used instead?

A: anything with retinol, hydroquinone.

Q: Makeup tip you learned and can’t live without?

A: Less is more!

Q: Your current bronzer, blush & highlight?

A: Favorite bronzer is the Hourglass Bronzer in Ambient Light, Charolette Tilbury Blush stick & highlight – for a dewy glow!

Q: How to recreate your hair color? What do I tell my stylist?

A: I always let my Stylist do what she thinks is best, I got my hair done last night and she said she does pops of light around my face “the money piece” and she lightened my ends a little but left my roots alone because we were liking the color of my roots

Q: Eyebrows, do you get them done? or Have you tried microblading?

A: I had them microbladed a few years ago and LOVE IT. I need a touch and still fill them in with hourglass brow pencil.

Q: Favorite under eye concealer?

A: Tarte Shape Tape

Q: Eyelash extensions, do you get them and is it work it?

A: I did get them for several years and love them! Ever since I had Harrison I stopped doing them just because it’s been hard for me to find the time.

Q: What lasers treatments/peels should we be getting in our 30s to prevent aging?

A: BBLs, Silk peels and Halo lasers are the ones I swear by and that my mom recommends for me (also in my 30s)


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