Forget Flowers—10 Stunning Jewelry Pieces for The Chic Mom In Your Life

She’s chic, she’s cultured, she’s extra AF, and she’d be utterly offended if you gifted her with a basic bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. Carnations? Not a chance. If the mom in your life is more like Moira Rose than Claire Dunphy, then simplicity simply won’t do. You definitely need to go the extra mile to pay homage to the woman who has done—and will do—anything in the world for you. Think gold, think sparkly, think exquisite. The mom in your life deserves to be treated to that special piece she would never consider buying for herself. And if she has already bought it for herself, you know what they say: more is more.

From brooches to earrings, our stylists and editors have pulled 10 dazzling Mother’s Day jewelry pieces—from $55 to $12,600—that make as much of a statement as she does. Read on for the kind of Mother’s Day gift roundup that will ensure you remain her favorite bébé forever.