14 Sustainable Jewelry Brands Worth Investing In for Your Wardrobe and the Planet

As our world becomes more ecologically minded, it’s important to be aware of how everything from our clothing to our food and, yes, even jewelry, can affect our planet.

How can jewelry be sustainable you ask? Sustainable jewelry refers to transparent, responsible sourcing practices and the use of sustainable materials, namely metals and gemstones. Recycling gold, for example, is a fantastic way to create more sustainable jewelry by reducing the environmental impact, as mining brand-new gold has the potential to emit toxic chemicals into the air. Most sustainable jewelers also use conflict-free diamonds and gemstones from ethical vendors, meaning they have not financed civil wars, and they come from mines that ensure safe working conditions and fair pay.

But don’t worry—sustainable jewelry doesn’t skimp on style. See for yourself below, in our roundup of 14 sustainable jewelry brands who are just as committed to our Earth as they are to crafting beautiful, timeless pieces. 

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