15 Body Shimmers That Will Get Your Skin Glowing for Summer

It’s official—we’ve just about made it through winter, which in the beauty world means one thing: it’s finally time to welcome summer’s glowiest products. Though we have our go-to serums and cleansers, our skin is extremely sensitive to environmental stressors (like seasonal changes), so it’s imperative that we tailor our skincare regimens seasonally to adapt. Gone is the season of intense barrier creams—it’s time to start thinking about warm weather remedies. And while we’re excited to transition our full-coverage foundations to more lightweight, breathable formulas and amplify a sun-kissed complexion with highlighters, we’re taking our summer skincare routine one step further with a sunny day must-have: body shimmers. 

Body shimmers are the ultimate way to achieve a summer glow throughout the year. And if they drifted to the back of your shelf this winter, now is the perfect time to start reintroducing them into your routine. Perhaps our favorite multipurpose product, body shimmer not only adds that extra bit of healthy, skin-plumping shine, but also boosts confidence. There’s just something about gleaming skin that provokes a sense of empowerment—quite simply, body shimmers make you feel and look good. From formulas with tan-enhancing properties to oil-infused shimmers for extra hydration, we’re sharing the 15 best body shimmers that will leave you glowing from the inside out. 

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