A Cute & Chic Fur Coat Outfit for Winter (Why You Need a Fur Bomber!)

A Fur Coat Outfit for Winter in Colorado

While traveling throughout Colorado in the winter I wanted a coat that was not only warm but stylish as well!

We were in Colorado for a little over a month, we started our trek in Colorado Springs and then drove up to Denver, Boulder and headed to the legendary mountain ski towns, Aspen and Vail.

We did do much in just six short weeks. Make sure to read our travel guides of the area to get a ton of travel tips and must do activities in Colorado Springs, Aspen, and Vail.

Since it was super cold I wanted to put together a cute and chic fur coat outfit! We bought this fur bomber during the holidays at Free People, it was my New Year’s gift and I wore it for New Year’s Eve dinner.

This faux fur coat is so soft, warm and I love the color. It’s a deep rich jewel tone which is really a perfect color for my complexion.

What to Wear with Faux Fur Coat

If you don’t usually wear fur real or faux it might be a little challenging to determine what to wear with a faux fur coat. There are many ways you can take it. Your fur coat outfit could be extravagant if it were to be paired with a long dress and stilettos. Your fur coat outfit could be casual if paired with denim jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Or you could go with a chic fur coat outfit like what I’m wearing in this winter outfit!

For this winter outfit, I made the fur bomber the center of attention. I really wanted it to stand out and it doesn’t really need much else to look stylish.

I decided to wear this special fur bomber with an all-black outfit. Black leggings, booties, long sleeve and yes even a black handbag. You don’t really need much , in this case,fur. If you’re going to plan on wearing your fur coat or bomber in this case the entire time, keep the rest of the outfit simple and have the focus be on the fur coat.

If you’re planning on just wearing your fur coat for part of the time because you’re headed to an indoor event then your outfit might need a little more pizazz but for me in this instance, the chic route worked!

So when is it appropriate to wear a fur coat?

If it’s faux fur than anytime really. Just make sure the outfit is tasteful and stylish and it’s actually cold. If it’s real fur just take into consideration where you are going and if really adds to the outfit.

I would wear a fur coat outfit to a nice dinner, the theater, date night, a gala over a gown, a nice fundraiser or an extravagant soirée.

What do you think of this fur bomber and my fur coat outfit?

Stay Stylish,