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Denim Vest from Levis // Red Bandana from Levis // Black Cut-Off Denim Shorts from Express // Tank Top from Lucky Brand (similar styles) // Sunglasses from Gabbana (similar styles above) // Converse Shoes //What type of festival clothing do you wear?Coachella was extremely sunny and hot, and I needed to shade my face from the sun, reason for the hat addition. Share via:This was my most casual outfit from Coachella. Denim on denim with a tank top and low top converse shoes. Nothing too out there, I just wanted to be comfortable. The only change I made from the actual outfit I wore into Coachella was that I added a hat.

Cabazon Dinosaurs

Festival clothing is meant to be fun, free and slightly elevated from what you wear day to day. If you’ve ever wanted to try fringe, large hats, lots of florals or crop tops, music festivals are the perfect place to do so. Music festival fashion is not everyday fashion, which means that you’ll see many festival goers in their most eye-catching outfits.They are arguably the largest dinosaur sculptures in America, so I would say they are worth the pit stop. There are two enormous dinosaurs there, Dinny the Dinosaur a 150-ton Brontosaurus and Mr. Rex, a 100-ton Tyrannosaurus rex. You can even go inside of the dinosaur to learn about how they were created and to buy trinkets if you love that sort of thing.Putting together my Coachella outfits this year was a lot of fun, they were slightly different from what I wear day to day, and it was great being able to try new styles and sharing them with you. I hope you loved my music festival outfits as much as I did.If you’re driving to Coachella and have the time to stop and take some awesome pictures the Cabazon Dinosaurs is fun and totally worth it.We photographed this outfit post at the Cabazon Dinosaurs. This is a must stop roadside attraction located at Cabazon, California just before getting to Palm Springs.If you’ve missed my previous Coachella outfits in this series take a look at; What’s Your Coachella Style?, What to Wear to a Music Festival – 11 Essential Coachella Style Tips, Coachella Fashion – A Boho Chic Outfit For Your Inspiration. Each of these outfits has slightly different styles of festival clothing, but one thing remains the same in all of the outfits I wore to Coachella this year, they stayed true to my personal style.

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There are a variety festival clothing styles you could wear to a music festival like Coachella. There is boho, gypsy, rocker, punk, electric and so on. What you wear really depends on your personal style and what you’re comfortable wearing.

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