Why You Need an Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuit

As a style note, if you have broad shoulders you might want to avoid an off-the-shoulder swimsuit. Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops bring attention to the shoulders and can make them seem wider than they are.

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An off-the-shoulder swimsuit top looks like a crop top, and if you’re at the beach and you feel comfortable in a crop top, then it’s an excellent choice.This past January we spent a week in Miami, and we’re planning two additional paradise trips within the next year. More swimwear style tips to come!An off-the-shoulder swimsuit and denim shorts were a new combination I was eager to try. If you scroll through my stylish outfit ideas, you might notice that I don’t wear many swimsuits. You see I don’t live near the beach, and Peter and I usually travel to cities in the fall and winter instead of tropical destinations in the summer. This is slowly changing and we’re working to add “paradise” locations to our travel list.

Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuit

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-VIf you have any questions about what to wear with off the shoulder swimsuit, just leave me a comment!If you’re looking for stylish beach attire you can wear walking around shopping in the local stores and on the beach, then a good choice is an off-the-shoulder swimsuit.I did wear a pair of swimsuit bottoms that matched the off-the-shoulder swimsuit top. You want to wear swimsuit bottoms just in case you want to take a dip in the water. In this case, I didn’t, as the water was a little too cold for me.I paired my off-the-shoulder swimsuit top with a pair of denim jeans and black embellished sandals. In this outfit, I was able to walk around South Beach Miami and even try a little tightrope walking (see pic below). I was equally as comfortable on the beach with the same outfit. It’s cute, versatile, and perfect for the sun and surf. A beachwear essential!It’s said that the most exciting time when traveling is the time spent planning leading up to the trip. I see some truth in that. I love planning our days, researching restaurants and new places to explore. I also love planning what I’m going to pack and the outfits I will wear in this new destination.To balance an off-the-shoulder fitted top you could add more volume to the bottom half of the outfit. For example, if you had broad shoulders and wanted to wear an off the shoulder bikini you could wear a long flowy maxi skirt. This adds volume to the bottom half of the outfit to balance your bare shoulders, and it’d make a very stylish beach outfit.Shop Off the Shoulder Swimsuits:If you are looking for a stylish beach cover-up, make sure that the cover-up looks beautiful when paired with a variety of swimsuits. If you get a spaghetti strap cover-up think about how it will look when paired with halter top or bikinis with intricate crisscross patterns. You’re looking for a versatile cover-up. I’m about buying one piece and using it multiple times, so whenever I’m purchasing a new item I pay attention to how it will look with different colors, patterns, materials, and shapes.If you don’t feel comfortable baring your midriff, then another great option would be an off-the-shoulder beach cover-up paired with denim shorts. The heavy denim balances the light flowy off-the-shoulder cover-up, and you’re still able to bare your shoulders.

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