Maxi Skirts, Canadian Tuxedos, and Other Fall Denim Trends to Get Excited About Now

Regardless of the season, fashion’s attraction to denim is resolute. Designer jeans went from oxymoron to fashion fixture in the ‘80s, thanks to trailblazers like Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. Since then, whether or not denim pops onto the runway is no longer in question—what’s more important is how it does. In this case, baggy jeans, Canadian tuxedos, and other fall denim trends penetrated designer collections with heightened puissance—and we can’t wait to give them all a shot.

April Hennig, the Chief Merchandising Officer at luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi, is keeping her eye on the denim prize. The current Fall 2023 season is full of denim ready-to-wear, from coats and matching sets to a variety of long skirts and cropped jackets,” she explains. “Denim-on-denim continues to be an effortlessly cool look. We are seeing various denim shapes, from the updated boot and flare to bolder barrel and bow-leg shapes. We’re also seeing denim skirts continue in a strong way, moving into the A-line and bell shapes of the season.” 

As lovers of wardrobe essentials that continue to take on new shapes, our stylists and editors couldn’t be more elated. Although many of these exact picks from the runway haven’t hit shelves yet, you can test-drive the top Fall 2023 denim trends early with the similar jean-focused pieces we found. 

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