Fashion Bomb Beauty Insight: Pepsi and Cake Mix Makes the Best Full Coverage Foundation

Who knew that all you needed was cake mix and Pepsi to make the perfect full coverage foundation. 

It is no secret that TikTok is the go-to source for trending makeup hacks and the latest trend is simply wild and out of this world. Apparently, people are making full coverage foundation from a variety of items that they can find in heir kitchen, and are labeling it, “jail makeup.”

Earlier this week, TikTok influencer, @Taylorbnice, took to the app to film a makeup tutorial of a routine that she claimed she used during her 17 years of prison. She then followed up with a caption that stated “#jk prison is not for me,” which was little conflicting.

In her TikTok tutorial, @Taylorbnice starts by using a container of flour as the base for the foundation and suggests that viewers can use cake mix, powdered sugar or any finely grounded white powder as an alternative.

To add color, she pours a cap full of Pepsi but advises to start with a small amount as too much can ruin the outcome. Throughout the clips, she continues to add more Pepsi to the mix.Once Taylor got the mixing consistency right, she added cocoa powder to give it a bit of a warm undertone.

She put her creation to the test by holding up her arm with her visible tattoo, and did a foundation swatch to show the full coverage and color match. Surprisingly the foundation matched her tone perfectly in one batch. Talk about amazing!

Taylor’s “jail makeup foundation” is just a fraction of the talent that women in prison possess. There are so many beauty hacks and trends that no one should never underestimate what they can learn from a woman in prison as they understand the innovative ways to feel and look their very best self.

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