Eyebrow Threading 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Centuries-Old Hair Removal Technique

No one really knows for sure when eyebrow threading began, but it’s believed that the practice of doubling, twisting, and then rolling a piece of thread over unwanted hair is more than 6,000 years old. This hair removal technique originates from India and Central Asia and is often used to symbolize a woman’s transition into adulthood. For example, in Persia, a woman had her eyebrows threaded before she got married to signify her new status.

Since my introduction to it in the mid-90s, eyebrow threading has gained more traction in the United States. And today, eyebrow threading is not only reserved to signify cultural transitions into adulthood but is practiced every day, for every occasion, and at every age. It’s become so popular that now it’s not uncommon to see beauty bloggers and celebrities (Emma Watson is a threading enthusiast) singing its praises.