Who Is Maurizio Gucci? The Story Behind the Luxury House’s Late Heir

The couple shared over a decade of decadent romance, which saw them jet-setting across the world, rivaling the likes of their original point of comparison: Burton and Taylor. But then, in 1983, Rodolfo died at the age of 70, and it sent a cold chill through Maurizio and the Gucci company. Now a majority stakeholder in Gucci, Maurizio put a plan into action to remove those he deemed a threat to his, and the brand’s, success from their positions within the company—which included removing his uncle Aldo Gucci. It was during these civil disputes that his marriage started to break down, resulting in Maurizio seeking solace in another woman’s arms—Paola Franchi. 

Maurizio and Patrizia separated in 1985, but it would be over a decade before the once lovers finalized their divorce. Bitterness grew between the pair, and Patrizia would often leave Maurizio hate-fuelled voicemails proclaiming “for you, hell is yet to come.” And boy did fury come; the type of fury that would eventually lead to Maurizio’s untimely death.