The Custom Closet Systems We Used in The Kids’ Bedrooms

I’m so excited to share another house update with you guys today! There are so many details regarding the house and I can’t wait to share, but one topic I knew everyone would be interested in is our experience having custom closet storage and organization systems designed by The Container Store for all three kids’ bedrooms. Below, I break down the entire process so you can really get an inside look at what working with The Container Store is like if you have a closet that needs a custom system. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what closet system you want to go with. We went with Elfa for all three bedrooms and were immediately assigned to an Elfa designer who specializes in Elfa products and is incredibly knowledgeable about how to put their closet systems to work for unique/individual spaces. Once you’re introduced to your designer, you’ll set up a design consultation.

You have lots of options on how to have your consultation. You can have a zoom meeting, meet with your designer in-store, or have them come to your house. We opted to do a zoom and our designer was amazing!! She was so flexible with my schedule, which I truly appreciated, and immediately went to work designing custom solutions for each space. She asked questions and pointed things out that I didn’t even think of, which resulted in a better design that not only looked great but functions super well for the kids, which is what we desperately need.

One of my favorite things about the designer and her attention to detail was the special touches she put on Sutton’s closet design. We want these closets to grow with the kids, especially Sutton’s since we anticipate her spending the most time in her closet, and the designer really made sure Sutton would love her space for years to come. She included a vanity/mirror area, a shoe display rack and hanging options that would work for her clothes now and down the road. Honestly, the thoughtfulness and attention to detail blew me away. 

Once the design phase is finished, you’ll schedule your install. After building a home, I’ve realized install days don’t always go as planned or maybe there’s a lapse in communication but The Container Store absolutely killed it. They were constantly in touch and made sure we had all the information we needed to be ready for install. When they arrived, everyone was so polite and kind, it was actually a really fun day to watch it all come together. It was seamless, truly!

After install, you’ll get a follow-up call from your designer to make sure everything went as planned and your space is functioning as it was designed to. I thought this was such a nice touch and really showed me they wanted to make sure they got it right, and who doesn’t appreciate that?! I know we did and we cannot wait to unpack all the kids’ belongings into their new custom closets!

If you’re in the market for a custom closet, I highly recommend using The Container Store! To make it even better, their Elfa closet systems are 30% off right now through Tuesday, February 23rd so don’t wait! Get on their books ASAP and I know you’ll have such an amazing experience!

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