The Traitors’ Angus Spills on His “Premature” Banishment From the Game

Well, folks, it finally happened — after sending four Faithfuls home in the Banishment Ceremonies, they finally managed to correctly select Angus as a Traitor, and send him packing. The twist? Two of his fellow Traitors, Nigel and Marielle, voted alongside the Faithfuls to banish one of their own.

Chatting to POPSUGAR Australia the morning after his banishment from The Traitors, Angus said that he felt it was a “premature and not well thought out plan” on Nigel and Marielle’s part.

“The amount of power we had…” he began, “if we stuck together, we could be all four of us at the end of the show. I didn’t really understand the play.”

Obviously, it would have been against the rules of the game to expose Nigel and Marielle as Traitors on the spot after they voted him out, but we had to know — was there a little part of him that wanted to?

Angus laughed.

“I mean, it crosses your mind!” he exclaimed. “But it would ruin the game, for everyone.”

“Sportsmanship is a big deal,” Angus added. “I also have two incredible little sons, as well, so regardless of what I did in the show, eventually they will watch it, and they need to see integrity, right?”

Having long seen himself applying for a reality series, it was The Traitors that Angus found to be “a really, really interesting idea”, because the series was “game based” rather than relationship based, which he didn’t feel would be a good fit for him.

“I didn’t really want to be involved in one of these crazy ones you see, like the Farmer gets a husband or whatever those shows are!” he exclaimed. “That’s not really my cup of tea. This one is more like a mental challenge, and I’m always up for a big challenge.

“I’ll be honest, I do like the spotlight!” he conceded, laughing. “It was a fun game, and a massive laugh for all my mates, and yeah, it was good. I just really wanted to do something like this and it was the right opportunity.”

Once he was in the game, though, Angus said that the most surprising element was that “people weren’t acting on logic or fact” when it came time to eliminate players.

“Everybody was just voting with pure emotions,” he explained. “The first time a so-called fact came into it, I was voted out, but up until then, everything was just complete hearsay, and people were just voting people off that they didn’t like!”

While Angus’ time in the game may be over, there are still three Traitors left in the game who could make it to the end to claim the $250,000 prize pool at the end. Will one of them make it, or with the Faithfuls banish them before it’s too late? There’s only one way to find out!

The Traitors airs at 7.30pm, Sunday — Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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