Capricorn Daily Horoscope

October 22, 2022

Step up to the plate as the weekend’s Sun-Venus mashup taps you as a much-needed leader. On Saturday, they wrap up their visit to your ambitious tenth house, which may compel you to make an executive decision. After both planets set up shop in Scorpio and your communal eleventh house on Sunday (the Sun until November 22 and Venus until the 16th), you’ll need to put your ideas to a vote. But if your expertise pushes you to the forefront of a venture, it’s not a power move to take the reins. Make sure to utilize everyone’s talents and train standout players on your team to help you run the show. On Sunday, your ruler, Saturn, rounds out a retrograde phase that has dragged on since June 4. This welcome development will help you to put your finances in order. Give your budget, bills and bank account a thorough going-over and plot a comeback from recent difficulties. Maybe it’s time to consult an accountant or your money-savvy friend who can offer sage advice. Identify ways to grow your income stream as well. Side gig? Raise? Go forth and conquer!

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