Let’s Discuss the Rules That Contestants on The Traitors Must Follow

Channel 10’s newest reality show, The Traitors, is about to hit one week since it premiered, and it’s already taking the country by storm. The contestants in the competition are dropping like flies, and soon, we’ll be down to the final few.

Speaking to The Latch, host Rodger Corser said the show’s fast-paced elimination schedule was one of the things that appealed to him about the show.

Corser said that while “the idea of voting people off is not necessarily brand new”, the way the players get banished each episode will be refreshing for viewers to see.

“It does go quite quickly because within the one episode, two people will leave the game, and that’s not just occasionally,” he explained.

So exactly what are the rules of The Traitors? Let’s break it down.

What Are the Rules of The Traitors?

First off, let’s discuss what the show is all about. The competition sees a group of 24 players, known as Faithfuls, live together in a hotel, where they will take part in challenges in the hopes of walking away with $250,000.

They’ll also need to figure out who amongst them are Traitors in hiding.

There’s a lot on the line, because if a Traitor manages to make it to the end undetected, they take home the entire amount. However, if a Faithful is able to expose a Traitor and get rid of them before the final vote, they have the option to take all the prize money or share it with their remaining Faithful.

Now, let’s talk about the elimination process.

In each episode, the Traitors will “murder” a Faithful in the night, which removes them from the game.

The next morning, the remaining Faithfuls will find out during breakfast who the victim was, as they’ll be noticeably absent.

The other way players are sent home is via the Banishment Ceremony. This is where the Faithfuls are given the opportunity to figure out who the Traitors are and to banish them from the competition.

After the ceremony, the Faithfuls are then told whether they’ve successfully kicked out a Traitor or banished one of their own.

Who Are the Traitors on The Traitors?

There are four Traitors in the game — Nigel, Claire, Mairelle and Angus.

“The Traitors don’t tell anyone except their fellow Traitors who they are, so everyone is claiming to be a Faithful,” Corser explained.

“Everyone has kind of got their eye on everyone else in the game and has got their suspicion,” Corser said, “and can I say, it’s a lot harder to pick the people who are the Traitors or who are lying than it might seem, and the Faithful get it quite wrong, often, and start sending their own home, and that starts turning the heat up on everyone quite quickly because they start to fail their job, and then people start to… perhaps lose their cool a little?”

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