Farmer Benjamin Had to Leave Farmer Wants a Wife, But Did He Still Find Love?

In last night’s episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Benjamin got some sad news about his grandma, which saw him rush off to be with his family and leave his three potential partners — Erin, Lyndsay and Hannah — to keep up the farm.

In tonight’s episode, we were told that Farmer Benjamin‘s grandma sadly passed away.

“Benjamin’s grandma has been sick for some time,” explained Erin. “She’s been deteriorating for a while. But yeah, we got news that she’s passed away.”

“I don’t like feeling helpless,” said Hannah, “that’s the hardest part.”

“We’re just going to give him the space and time he needs,” assured Lyndsay. “And just give him all the support we can.”

Farmer Benjamin has been one of the most open farmers throughout this year’s season of Farmer Wants a Wife, truly gracing our screens with delightful quirky and emotionally open energy that saw him very much on the road to lasting love.

“I know how sensitive Benjamin is,” Erin said. “He’s going to be in a world of pain for a little while.”

Later in the episode, it was revealed that due to the loss of his grandma, Farmer Benjamin suffered a health issue of his own. Unfortunately, this meant that he had to leave the show, without making it to the finale.

With that being said, we wish Farmer Benjamin all the love and healing as he goes through this difficult time. And, although we’re unable to confirm whether or not he stays in touch with any of his ladies, let alone ends up with any of them; we feel hopeful that we might find out in the future.

Channel 7 released a statement on behalf of Farmer Benjamin’s departure from the show:

“Benjamin stopped filming Farmer Wants A Wife for personal health reasons. We sincerely thank Benjamin for everything he brought to the show and wish him a speedy recovery.”

All three women reveal their strong feelings for Benjamin, despite his departure from the show ending their own journeys, as well. Lyndsay said that she “hopes he’ll reach out” when he’s better, as she’d “like to pick things up where [they] left off”, while Erin admitted that she was “falling in love” with Benjamin, which made going home so close to the finish line extremely sad.

As for the rest of tonight’s episode, we have a lot to unpack.

Farmer Ben is torn between his final two, Kiani and Leish.

“I’m struggling with this decision,” he said. It was clear that he had truly built connections with both women, who are wildly different and compatible with him in different ways.

While a little bit of drama unfolded, with Farmer Ben kissing Leish on the final date and not Kiani, it’s not clear if one connection was stronger than the other.

Farmer Will was also in a tricky position, with his two final girls Jess and Madi.

“I have so much fun with Jess,” Will said, “but I’m not sure if she’s ready for that big commitment, like Madi.”

Meanwhile, Farmer Harry had Tess and Bronte, who he has strong connections with. Bronte was one of Sam Armitage’s choices for Farmer Harry, and although she came in late, the pair built one of the strongest and quickest connections we’ve ever seen on FWAW. While Farmer Harry and Tess had the feels from the start, Bronte has thrown all that up in the air, with a seemingly undeniable connection to Farmer Harry.

I usually don’t like to take guesses at this point of the season, but my money is on Bronte, TBH.

As for Farmer Paige, although one of her latecomers, Cody, finally made a move and kissed her, he then withdrew and became distant, revealing that he didn’t feel a physical attraction towards her.

In a true boss b*tch move, Farmer Paige decided that the mixed signals from both men were not going to suit her and bid them both farewell, ending her own Farmer Wants a Wife journey in the process.

It was disappointing, but the fellow farmers had her back the whole time. They were encouraging, supportive and told her to not put with any bullsh*t, because she’s “one in a million”; a quote from Farmer Will himself.

Maybe country boys truly are better?

Tune into Farmer Wants a Wife next week for the meeting of the families, and for the grand finale that is sure to be drama-filled and tear-worthy.

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