10 Mascaras for Crying in Public Because Mercury in Retrograde Isn’t Over Yet

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Waterproof mascaras: perfect for straight lashes, days at the beach and those moments when your emotions start “going live” in public.

In 2022, we made our triumphant return to “real life,” and found ourselves… kind of overwhelmed. “I was never much of a crier,” Sarah* tells POPSUGAR Australia, “but the other day I was walking down the street listening to a sad song and realised there were actual tears rolling down my cheeks.”

While COVID gave us plenty to cry about, we got used to doing it in private. Freaking out in a meeting? Turn your camera off. Regina George-level rage meltdown? Scream into your pillow with abandon. An overwhelming sense of existential dread looking at your inbox in the morning. Wail freely!

Very simply, we’ve been released into the wild, and we’ve gotten a little rusty when it comes to keeping our emotions in check. Add to that our third mercury in retrograde for the year, and to quote Chairlift: “we’re sorry we’re crying in public.”

Of course, we’ve actually never been that great at keeping a lid on our tears in the first place. A 2018 survey of 2000 executives found that 45% of employees had cried at work, additionally, 45% of CFOs thought crying at work was totally acceptable (your boss might be in the toilet cubicle next to you).  

But, if you’d like to reap the benefits of a quick, efficient weeping sesh without fielding concerned enquiries, here are some tried and tested waterproof and water-resistant mascaras that will take your secrets to their grave.