Ummm… You Can Currently Save $150 on the “World’s Best Hair Straightener”

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Have you been living on a desert island since 2020 or have you seen every beauty editor, TikTok influencer and hairdresser singing the praises of the Dyson Corrale™ hair straightener? High tech, high performance, and high price point the Dyson Corrale is on many a lust list, wishlist and “when I get my tax return” shopping cart.

Because whatever it promises, $699 is a high price to pay for great hair. Currently, Dyson is offering a very rare sale to celebrate the opening of their Moore Park Dyson Demo Store. With the code MOOREDYSON you can redeem $150 off the Dyson Corrale, in Prussian Blue and Bright Fuschia shades, until stock lasts, or, until the 28th of September online.

Tempted but need to know WHY you should drop your moolah on the Dyson Corrale, here’s how we’re justifying the investment.

Emily Ratajkowski clearly got the Dyson Coralle on sale
Get ready for your “rich girl” hair moment with the Dyson Corrale. Image credit: Getty

The Dyson Corrale™ ‘s Patented Flexing Plates

Did you know Dyson has invested over $170 million dollars in their research laboratories? When you experience the patented Corrale™ flexing plates, you’ll believe it.

If you use a hair straightener on the reg, you’ll recognise that odd, bumpy feeling as you drag the straightener through your hair. That’s because flat plate straighteners “skip” on rough hair texture or strands that have been imperfectly positioned. Because they’re inflexible, which we’ve come to expect from our hair straighteners.

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Dyson has solved this problem with “flexing plates.” As you straighten your hair with the Corrale, its plates literally move with your mane. They also “scoop up” rogue strands, meaning every inch of the section is straightened in the same direction, reducing flyaways.

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Dyson Corrale™ Is Optimised For Less Hair Damage, Meaning Smoother, “That Girl” Locks

Because the plates are efficient, the Corrale can operate with less heat overall, sealing the cuticle and minimising long-term heat damage. With three temperature settings,  165°C, 185°C or 210°C, you can select the appropriate level for your hair type and texture. The coolest setting is also perfect for styling wigs and extensions and will increase their lifespan just like the cool shot on a blowdryer.

The result? Glossy, liquid shine with every styling session.

You Can Achieve Pretty Much Every, Single Style With It

For this beauty writer, curling my hair with a hair straightener always results in boxy curls and plenty of split ends. When Renya Xyidis taught me how to curl, I was sceptical that my infamously poor hair skills would be up to the job. But, it’s pretty dang easy.

The smooth, flexible plates slide through your hair, setting it in a smooth, silky curl with precision. Plus, it’s cordless, so you won’t get your arm caught up in the process. TikTok is full of tutorials on different styles, from mermaid waves and curls to faking a flawless blowout.