Sul Sul! The Sims 4 Will Soon Be Free to Play

As of next month, anyone who doesn’t already own The Sims 4 will be able to get it for free. Starting October 18, the base game will be free to download on PC, Mac, PS5, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and it’ll be yours to keep forever.

For everyone who’s already bought the game, EA is giving away the Desert Luxe Kit from September 14 through October 17. The kit adds luxurious, neutral-toned indoor and outdoor pieces you can use to build your Sims a spot to soak up the sun in style. The furniture in the kit is inspired by the natural landscape of the desert and made from materials like stone and wood. All existing players can redeem the Desert Luxe Kit from the main menu of the game.

“With The Sims 4 going free to play, our team is more dedicated than ever to developing new and meaningful The Sims 4 experiences for our players and we will continue to develop and release packs, kits and Sims Delivery Express drops into the foreseeable future,” EA said in a statement about the update.

But those packs and kit will still need to be purchased separately, even after The Sims 4 goes free-to-play. If you’re not keen on paying for extra content, you can always download mods for free. There are also lots of other games you can try if you love The Sims 4.

EA will be hosting a stream on Wednesday, October 19 at 4am AEST (3.30am ACDT, 1am AWST) on the official The Sims YouTube and Twitch channels to share “more about what’s in the works” for the game.

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