The Cambridges’ First Joint Portrait Revealed & Cambridgeshire Engagements

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The Duchess mixed old and new styles for a day of engagements in Cambridgeshire. 

The Duke and Duchess started their day at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, where a new portrait of the duo was unveiled. 

Here is a quick video of the couple arriving to see the portrait. 

 More from The Cambridge Independent. 

Painted by award-winning British portrait artist Jamie Coreth, it is the first official joint portrait of the two together and marks the 10th anniversary of the couple receiving their royal titles.

The piece was commissioned in 2021 by the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund, which is held by the Cambridge Community Foundation, as a gift to Cambridgeshire. 

The Daily Mail reports “William, 40, said after looking at the painting: ‘It’s quite big’ and told Coreth it was ‘amazing’.”

The Telegraph reports “They attended joint sittings twice, and each made time for a further solo session to help the artist capture the necessary detail.” Below, you see the artist at today’s engagement.

In a statement the artist said: 

It has been the most extraordinary privilege of my life to be chosen to paint this picture. I wanted to show Their Royal Highnesses in a manner where they appeared both relaxed and approachable, as well as elegant and dignified…I wanted the image to evoke a feeling of balance between their public and private lives.” 

The Duchess looks at the Duke as he views the portrait.

More from The Mirror’s story: 

Members of the public will be able to view the portrait at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum for an initial period of three years, after which the artwork will be exhibited in other community spaces and galleries around Cambridgeshire.

The painting will also be loaned to the National Portrait Gallery for a short time in 2023 to mark the Gallery’s reopening.

And from The Telegraph’s article. 

The Duke and Duchess helped choose the artist, with the Duchess thought to have seen his work at the National Portrait Gallery, where he won the Young Artist Award at the prestigious BP Portrait Exhibition.

Many will recognize the dress worn in the portrait, the ‘Falconetti’ style ($1715) by the Vampire’s Wife. The Duchess wears two pieces of Diana’s jewelry in the portrait: the Collingwood Pearl Drop Earrings and the Nigel Milne 3-Strand Pearl Bracelet.  For the first time, the Duchess wears the Cambridge Brooch.

More about the piece from The Court Jeweller,

According to Hugh Roberts’s landmark jewelry book, The Queen’s Diamonds, the royals simply call this piece “the Duchess of Cambridge’s Brooch.”

The brooch is classic in its design: a large pearl, surrounded by a cluster of diamonds, with a diamond and pearl pendant suspended from the cluster. The piece was likely made by Garrard some time in the middle of the nineteenth century, with a setting made of silver. The pendant is detachable, and the cluster also features a loop that allows the entire piece to be worn as a pendant.

Here you see the Queen wearing the brooch as she leaves Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor following the Easter Matins Service in April 2012.

The Duchess is seen wearing a new pair of heels, the Manolo Blahnik Satin Hangisi Pumps ($995). 

Made of silk satin, the shoe has a pointed toe, 4″ heel, and a distinctive crystal buckle embellishment on the toe. I show the style at Saks, but it is also available at FWRD ($1095). Some may recognize it from an important Sex and the City scene with Sarah Jessica Parker. Thank you to Katies Royal Love and also Data Duchess 2 for the speedy ID. 

Below, a wave from the Duchess as the royals leave the museum. 

The Duke and Duchess then visited the EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices) Milton location.

The Duchess has been EACH’s royal patron for ten years; today was her first visit to the Milton hospice.

This hospice was opened by Diana Princess of Wales on 1st August 1989. Today the Cambridges were greeted by students from Milton Community Primary School.

More from Cambridgeshire Live’s coverage. 

As the Duke and Duchess made their way through the front grounds of the hospice, they stopped and spoke to children from Milton School. Kate joked with the kids about football and said that they needed to show William how it’s done.

EACH reports that it “currently provides care and support for more than 580 children, young people and family members across the region, with 211 currently using services through Milton.” 

The visit comes during Children’s Hospice Week in the UK. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘For The Children.’

The Duchess shared a message of support for the awareness week, noting in a letter that “Every day, the UK’s 54 children’s hospices are a vital lifeline for families caring for a seriously ill child, and over the last ten years I have been privileged to see first-hand the incredible work they do.”

The Duke and Duchess met with James Hall (red shirt) and his mother, Claire, and older brother, Henry. James has a genetic connective tissue disorder. 

The Duchess took part in an art therapy session. Here you see her with Willow Bamber as she puts a handprint on canvas.

Willow is 8 and has Leigh’s Disease, a severe neurological disorder characterized by progressive loss of motor and mental abilities. The Bambers have another daughter who is 13; she also uses EACH services as she has the same condition as Willow.

The royals met with the family of William Carlson, who is 11 and has a number of complex medical conditions.

The duke and duchess also spoke with Kirsty and Gary Carlin as their four-year-old daughter Libby lay sleeping on the floor beside them. Cambridgeshire Live reports “Libby…. has Bohring-Opitz syndrome. She needs 24/7 care and has been at the hospice for four years. She was joined by her mother Kirsty, dad Gary and brother Jake.”

More from The Ely Standard. 

After learning about her rare genetic condition, Libby’s parents offered to wake their daughter before the duke said: “Please don’t wake her.” 

“We know what happens when you wake a sleeping child,” Kate added. 

The couple toured an on-site sensory garden and met with staff, and attended a small reception on the lawn to thank supporters and volunteers of EACH. Below, the couple with Will Self, chair of the EACH board of trustees. Mr. Self spoke at the reception, saying “It’s been an incredibly special year for us, as we proudly celebrate 10 years of your Patronage.” 

The Duchess was given flowers by 15-year-old Chloe Bowes, who has a rare neurological condition, and her mother, Nadia. They have been receiving support from EACH since Chloe was three years old.

Another view.

Kensington Palace posted a quick video from the visit. 

The next stop for the royals: Jimmy’s Cambridge, an organization “supporting people on their journey through homelessness since 1995.”

This is the couple’s second visit to the charity, they first visited Jimmys in November 2012 (shown below). 

Here you see the Duke and Duchess meeting Pete Dean (second from left). 

More from Cambridgeshire Live’s coverage. 

One of the residents…. who met their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Kate Middleton on their first visit, and again today, said: “They did (remember) it was nice. He said he’d come and see me in another 10 years. We spoke about my past and getting to where I am now. They’re both really nice people, definitely. And they’re just interested in how far I’ve moved since the last time and I said, well, without Jimmy’s help I wouldn’t have done it and I’ve got my own flat now and everything.”

The royals spent time with partners and supporters involved in Jimmy’s so they could learn more about the support they provide.

Another view. 

Below, the couple poses for a photo with Eamonn Kelly (white shirt). 

Jimmy’s has been trying out a new modular home offer for some of its residents. Mr. Kelly showed them one of the modular units, which are moveable, small-scale spaces that offer residents separate living, cooking, sleeping, and bathroom areas as well as their own front door.

Cambridge is the first city in the UK to explore modular homes and Jimmy’s has 22 sites across the city. We return to the Cambridgeshire Live piece.

Eamonn Kelly, 52, lives in one of the modular homes and chatted to the royals about his experience as he showed them his home. He said: “I got on very well, they were down to earth people, they were very genuine. They were interested in you as a person, not your past or your future, you just can’t get any better than those two people, but only for this person (Mark Allan, Jimmy’s CEO), I wouldn’t be here the way I am today, it’s them, Matt Wiseman, Zoe, it’s all them that have made it possible for both me and Pete to be where we are today.”

After the visit, Kensington Palace posted a photo of the Duke and Duchess with Mr. Kelly with the message, “A decade on…! 10 years after our first visit here, @Jimmyscambridge continues its incredible work supporting those experiencing homelessness with mental health support, workshops on life skills and much more, including these fantastic homes!”

And one more portion of the Cambridgeshire Live piece, this segment quoting Mark Allan, Jimmy’s CEO. 

“So they’re genuinely intersted in tackling homelessness, and therefore genuinely interested in organisations like Jimmy’s. They were asking loads of questions, it was a great time with Eamonn and a great time with Pete, really interested in what they had to say, which will mean a lot to them, the fact that they came here and spent the most time with our two residents – more than they spent with the staff, that’s what matters most. It’s important they came and met some of the people that we help, not just to meet the staff.”

The day’s final engagement was at the first-ever Cambridgeshire County Day.

The event celebrated “…The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen while also showcasing the very best of Cambridgeshire and raising money for charity.”

It was at the Newmarket Racecourse and included a variety of exhibits and events.

The Duchess greeted children among the estimated 6000 people attending today’s event.

There were performances by bands, choirs, actors, and dancers.

More from the Cambridge Independent’s story. 

It might be the home of racing, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed off their football skills during a visit to the July Racecourse at Newmarket on Cambridgeshire County Day.

Aston Villa fan and Football Association president Prince William couldn’t resist trying his luck at the club’s penalty challenge. Not to be outdone, Kate had a go too.

The Daily Mail reports “Kate laughed as she struck the ball, which went hurtling into the goal, proving her sporting prowess.

And from The Telegraph piece.

Kate told the crowd it would be difficult as she was “wearing wedges”.

After taking a shot, the duchess shook the hand of a boy who had been playing before her and said: “You did better than I did.” 

The Daily Mail also notes “After the kickabout, the royal couples then quenched their thirst, supping on beer from a stall at the event, with Kate appearing to enjoy her drink.”

The beer was from Elgood’s Brewery, a family-owned brewery that was founded in 1795.

Many exhibitors and participants posted photos from the day on social media. Colonel Lesley Deacon of the Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force shared a photo of the Duchess.

Anglia Ruskin University posted several images.

We return to The Cambridge Independent article. 

The couple spent some time at the NHS Cambridge Children’s Hospital stand, talking to staff and members of the public.

Throughout their visit the couple were followed by well-wishers.

There was also a Jubilee Garden Party hosted by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, Mrs. Julie Spence OBE QPM. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore for the day’s engagements, beginning with the soft blue coat that is currently UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object).

The midi-length piece is single-breasted with notched lapels, angled pocket flaps, and raised structured shoulders.   

Beneath the coat, the Duchess wore a familiar dress, the Madison style by LK Bennett.

She owns the Madison in both the pink and lilac colorways, the latter worn when attending a private function in August 2015. 

In July 2019 the Duchess wore the pink version of the dress to a polo match, and again in September 2019.

Made of silk chiffon, the midi-length dress features a relaxed silhouette with loose, flowing sleeves that hit above the elbow; the body of the dress is lined while the sleeves are sheer. Here is a better look at the two fabrics.

LK Bennett released a new version of the dress called the ‘Elowen’ that is available in a blue print ($540).  

It looks like the Duchess wore her Emmy London Rebecca pumps ($540) in the Riviera colorway, and she carried the brand’s Natasha Clutch ($370) on the same color. I believe the clutch is a piece we’ve not seen previously.

She changed to her Castañer Carina wedge espadrilles ($190) for the Cambridgeshire County Day events. 

The Duchess wore her UFO aquamarine and diamond earrings. 


The Royal Family Channel offers coverage of the portrait in this video. 
[embedded content]

This video is the Evening Standard’s coverage of the portrait unveiling. 
[embedded content]
Here is 3 minutes coverage of the EACH engagement. 
[embedded content]
 This video covers the Jimmy’s engagement. 
[embedded content]
 This is the Royal Family Channel’s coverage of Cambridgeshire County Day. 
[embedded content]

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