10 Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair to Keep Second-Day Strands a Secret

Whether you consider yourself a hair person or not, achieving beautifully styled strands feels anything but simple. You likely find yourself reaching for serums, hair tools, shine sprays, and more to tame your mane—and that’s not counting the effort you put into your hair care routine. Specifically, the importance of skipping wash days to avoid stripping away natural oils. The only way to do that without leaving the house with greasy roots? The holy grail of all hair products: dry shampoo.

From sprays to pastes to powders, narrowing down the superior options on the market can be daunting. “You can choose a dry shampoo based on your scalp type, hair type, and lifestyle,” says Aaron Grenia, IGK Hair Care co-founder. And even when you think you may have found the one, you may realize there’s more than one for you. “It’s good to have a variety of dry shampoos because they’re going to serve different needs,” Grenia explains. We’ve gathered our top picks below. These reliable dry shampoos for oily hair will revive your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) day strands for a freshly washed appearance.