17 Best Pink Lipsticks, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

A classic red lipstick will forever have a place in our makeup bag, and rightfully so. It’s bold, powerful, glamorous, and iconic all at once. But when we’re in the mood to experiment, there are few lip colors more inviting than the perfect shade of pink.  

Often dismissed as purely girlish and sweet, pink lipsticks can actually channel an array of emotions and moods. Bright neon pinks feel bold and rebellious when paired with the right attitude, while a rosier pink can summon a softer, more romantic vibe. And for a more natural “no makeup” makeup look, there’s nothing better than a subtle nude pink lipstick to give you that “your lips but better” finish. Add to that our newfound collective need for any added bit of joy or reverie, and it’s no wonder pink has emerged as the must-have lip color of the season. 

However, between choosing your desired shade and preferred formula, there’s a lot to consider when shopping for pink lipstick. To help you navigate the space, we asked a few of our favorite celebrity makeup artists, namely Nina Park, Sheika Daley, and Lisa Aharon, to share their favorite pink lipsticks of the season. And since we’ve tested countless lipsticks in our day-to-day work as editors, we’ve also included some of our go-to picks as well. Discover all the best pink lipsticks to wear now (and always) below.